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The Best Places To Shop For Uni Bits

I was one of the one’s who didn’t have any older siblings, so therefore didn’t have any hand-me-downs for Uni supplies. So, I had to start from scratch and go searching for the best deals! To make it easier for those who are starting their first year of University in September/October, I will tell you the best stores you can go to to get your bedroom bits, bathroom pieces and kitchenware at the best price!

1. Primark Home

I am not even joking but I could spend hours shopping in the Primark Home section – everything is so cheap and looks very tumblr-esc, it makes me way too happy. My local Primark isn’t THAT big so I’m not sure of everything they stock, but they don’t seem to be the best for kitchenware and pots and pans etc. You can get cute things like tea towels, mugs and those fancy things to drink out of like mason jars and tumblers, but otherwise maybe shop elsewhere for kitchen stuff. However, for bathroom and bedroom you can literally get most things from Primark Home. For bathroom you can get your bath mat, laundry bin, towels, toothbrush holder etc, and then for bedroom you can get your duvet cover and pillowcases, even the pillows and duvet themselves, cute bedside bits and decorative things, FAIRY LIGHTS and loads more. I’m pretty tempted to buy all new stuff for my Uni bedroom in 2nd year because the stuff at Primark makes me so happy.

2. Aldi

Aldi are known for releasing a great range of things that freshers will need for Uni at a great price. This year, they will release their freshers range on 1st September but Student Money Saver have released a list of all the items that will be released and their prices. So definitely run to your local Aldi at the start of September to check it all out, I’m sure you’ll be able to buy everything you need for Uni from there!

3. Wilko

There is a Wilko in the Cannon Park shopping area which is a 10 minute walk from central campus, but it is a great place to get your Uni pieces either before you come to Uni or as last minute bits that you might have forgotten once you get to Uni. Wilko even have their own student page online to help you find the bits that you’ll need!

4. Argos

Argos is a super easy place to get all your Uni pieces because you can browse all the products, pick the one best suited to you and at the best price. Last year, I bought this 50 piece kitchen setfrom Argos for only £40 and you get 50 pieces of kitchen stuff, amazing value! The only extra things I had to buy in terms of kitchen stuff was my plates, bowls, glasses and random things like a big bowl for baking – you can buy things while you’re at Uni worse comes to worse since there’s a big Tesco and Wilko a walk away from campus. With the Argos 50 piece kitchen starter set, you honestly won’t even need everything that’s in the set because you get so much. Cutlery in particular, I only used a quarter of the cutlery that was provided so you could give the rest to your friends! It also came with things like a loaf tin and cork screw that I never used, but the more the better! Since it is so cheap, of course the pots and pans aren’t of the best quality but it depends on what you prefer. For me, this kitchen set is only for my 3 years at Uni and they do the job just fine, so I didn’t require Tefal pots and pans or ones that were as good as the ones I have at home. However, if you’d like to spend a bit more money and buy pots and pans that you would like to last longer than Uni, then maybe look into the other sets they stock at Argos. Argos also sell a 20 piece kitchen setif any of you are interested!

5. Ikea

You can never go wrong with good ol’ Ikea, the only trouble is having to treck to it if you live far away from one. But I’m sure it would be worth it – you could get all your Uni shopping done in one day and everything would be at a great price too.

6. Supermarkets

All supermarkets overall are great places to go shopping for affordable Uni stuff, like Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda etc – look out to see if they have any deals going on for students who are going to University.

Those are my top places to shop for Uni bits and bobs, if anyone knows of any other great stores or know of any good deals then definitely leave them down in the comments below! Although I hope you all found this post helpful with your shopping prep for Uni.


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