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The Best French YouTubers

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With France still stuck on the government’s amber list, there’s no reason we can’t at least pretend we’re enjoying a holiday on the continent! This is a round-up of my current favourite French youtubers to bring a little slice of France to you.

French YouTube is a wonderful place. Compared to its American counterpart, it’s more organic, more light-hearted and well, on French YouTube, 2 million followers, is in fact still a lot of followers.

Cyrus North

Perhaps my favourite of the bunch, Cyrus’ channel explores, what he titles “Petites réflexions a la cool”. Essentially, he discusses some of life’s big questions – “Est-ce que j’existe?” – and, equally, life’s more subtle wonders – “Pourquoi les gens mettent un post-it sur leurs webcams?”.

His videos feel like conversations – they make you think and offer a balance of opinion but are equally laced with a comical and light-hearted aspect.

HugoDécrypt – Actus du jour

This channel is probably that which I tune into most, it releases 10-minute summaries of the day’s biggest news stories every Monday to Friday. Aimed to keep young people commercially aware, the videos are succinct, accessible, and engaging.

The content is also available in podcast form and has an associated Instagram page. The Instagram page aims to summarise the day’s news in one minute, covering 5 big news stories from the day. It also often incorporates a debate, so if you want to practice your writing skills too, you can take part in the comments.


Cyprien is one of France’s original YouTubers (and one of my personal favourites!) with over 10 years’ worth of videos on the site. His content consists, for the most part, of 5-minute sketches where he takes ordinary subjects – from museums to flirting – and, well, makes them funny.

Norman fait des Vidéos

If you like Cyprien’s channel, you’re sure to like Norman’s too. From the same YouTube era, these two have stood the test of time with their short, sweet and hilarious videos.

Vlog like content can be a fantastic way to learn how French is actually spoken. To finish off this post, these are some of my favourite vloggers:

Léna Situations

Léna Mahfouf is a Paris-based YouTuber, and one of France’s biggest “influencers”. She generally uses an informal, vlog-like format, and her videos often involve adventures with her friends, story-times and challenges. With her “sourire commnicatif” it’s hard not to like her light-hearted content.

Andie Ella

An up-and-coming YouTuber, Andie Ella’s content leans slightly more towards health and beauty although remains in a vlog-like style, covering “Une journée dans mon assiette” videos and morning routines. She also, however, is very engaged with her audience and some of my favourite videos of hers are her series of reactions to “Vos pires hontes”.


Just like Andie Ella, Stelle is a smaller YouTuber, this time even more focused on health and beauty – with most of her content food- and lifestyle- based, with a sprinkle of try-on hauls.

Happy watching! For more French content suggestions, I list my favourite French podcasts, books and series here:

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