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The best forms of escapism from university work

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I have written before for OurWarwick about the value which is gained from taking time away from university work. Even when you have essay deadlines looming and exams around the corner, just one hour not focused on assignments can have invaluable benefits for your mental health and long term academic performance. 

Previously, I spoke about the benefits of joining student societies. It’s great to be around fellow students all in the same exam season boat. Indeed, it’s one of the many things I will miss about university upon graduating this summer. However, sometimes it can be nice to have a break away from all things university and perhaps engage in a commitment completely unrelated to student life. Here then, are just a few forms of escapism I have found valuable when needing a break from academic commitments. 

1) Exercise

I am no exercise expert, so feel free to take my advice with a pinch of salt. I don’t follow a fitness programme, haven’t got a gym membership or those specialist watches monitoring your heart rate. Instead, I jog around my local park. The journey itself doesn’t need to be especially long. Instead, the benefits I’m gaining are the natural views and focusing completely on my heart rate. University suddenly takes a secondary priority to making sure I am using my energy well. 

2) A Meal Out

This suggestion may seem in contradiction to the previous one, but I am a huge foodie who enjoys, on a special occasion, dining into the culinary delights that campus or Leamington have to offer. Eating out provides again a brilliant distinction from the rushed meals you may have been consuming or takeaways when great food goes out the window at the height of exam season. Whether you’re dining alone (something daring, but liberating to try) or with the company of others, food can be an excellent tool to provide the necessary pleasure we all require. 

3) A Film 

So much of our lives involve staring at a screen. If it’s something you’re going to do, why not do so for pleasure as well as work? Now cinemas have reopened, watching the latest flick – be it a Marvel blockbuster or an independent foreign language drama – can again perfectly take your mind off the academic commitments. The student cinema at Warwick often has some superb films on during term time, while the Vue in Leamington offers the latest mainstream releases. 

4) Travel 

During term time and essay season, travel may seem an impossibility, but that’s where a good bus service comes in. With a smart card, you have every option to explore the delights of Kenilworth and Warwick itself. For venturing out slightly further, the Bard’s home of Stratford-upon-Avon can also provide some wonderful sights. Channel your inner Bill Bryson and spend a day travelling, seeing what this part of the West Midlands has to offer. The most important part when you are taking time away from is that it’s a genuine escape. Then, you can later return to your work, ready to perform at your full academic potential. 

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Outside my degree, I am extensively involved with student journalism…
Find out more about me Contact Noah
  • Paul Gowers

    What a well thought out and planned process – fresh air and exercise is a great remedy.


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