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The Benefits of Living Off Campus

Sabrina Di Monaco | Chemistry (with International Placement) Contact Sabrina

After a year of remaining in the bubble of Warwick campus, transitioning further away to an off-campus life may leave students with many questions. For many, they may not like the idea that they can no longer roll out of bed at 8:30am and still make their 9am with 5 minutes to spare. However, for me, moving to an off-campus accommodation was something I extremely appreciated and there are many more benefits than drawbacks.

Separate your Work and Play

By living off-campus, this can allow you to segregate and distinguish both a clear space where you can work hard and a different space to relax and take time away from your academic stresses. This is so much easier to do when your work life and home life are not on the same campus and the journey home can be used to get into that relaxing mindset. Also, by having your room off-campus means you are not tempted to go home and nap when you are meant to be completing your assignment or revising for your upcoming exam!

Better Organisation

Instead of just rolling out of bed three minutes before your lecture starts and not even remembering to take a pen with you, having a life off campus means that you will develop more of a routine. If you know you are having to take an additional journey to get to uni each morning, you are more likely to settle into a routine where you get up earlier so that there is enough time to make it into campus and have breakfast, lunch and study supplies ready. This, for me, not only benefitted my organisation but also wellbeing as I had less of a stressful feeling that I wasn’t prepared for my day and my classes. As they say, if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!

More Places to Socialise

Living in a new place such a Leamington or Kenilworth opens you to a brand-new area to explore and socialise with friends. Leamington, for example, has so many cafés, restaurants and bars, both chains and quirky independent places where you can hang out and try something new to create new memories. This leaves you with the best of both worlds so that you can try new places every week but still return to campus for a drink at the Terrace Bar or a pub quiz at the Dirty Duck.

A Cosy Feel

Finally, finding accommodation with friends allows you to make the space your own and have more of a communal area. This can lead to your student house to become more of a home and can lessen any homesickness that you may feel from time to time. It will allow you to pick a house which is perfect for you and your housemates and can bring you together.

There are so many benefits to living off-campus and it can really prepare you for life as a graduate where you may be faced with living in a new town or city. This will mean you have to become accustom to a new space around you, a different mix of people but new opportunities to find! Although it may seem intimidating, ask people about recommendations for areas off-campus and find the right place for you.

Sabrina Di Monaco | Chemistry (with International Placement) Contact Sabrina
  • Bella

    Having tried both options – living on and off campus – I can’t choose one. Both have their pros and cons. By the way, more on this can be found in the infographic: I really liked the Warwick campus, and living in a dorm room allowed me to adapt to college life faster. But I like living off campus now too – more independence and more opportunities. I think if you have possibilities, try living on campus at the beginning of your studies, and living off campus closer to graduation.


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