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The benefits of booking a careers appointment

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Thinking about the future is scary stuff. As the start of third year loomed over me, and the realisation that graduation wasn’t that far away, the inevitable panic of What do I do with my life?! well and truly set in.

Luckily, a friend stepped in and suggested that I simply book a careers appointment. For some reason, this hadn’t really crossed my mind. I think that, as students, we often feel like we are very much alone in the process of post-university life, which can be really daunting. However, there are resources available for us to utilise – the careers services being quite an important one!

So, I booked an appointment (you do this through My Advantage), but remained apprehensive. However, upon completing my meeting with a really friendly, really understanding careers advisor, I thought to myself, why has it taken me THIS LONG to use this department?! So, here’s the reasons why you should definitely utilise this service:

  • Even if you’ve got your plans sorted, it’s always good to talk it through – I went into the appointment with three options, all of which were Masters courses. So, in some sense, I did have some idea over what I wanted. Even if you have your ideal course sorted, for example, it is good to go through the options, talk about your application, and work out what your main motivation for this pathway is. This will help to solidify your decisions.
  • On the other hand, if you feel lost, this is also fine – This is what career advisors are for. They are here to help, and work through some of the difficult decisions you might be trying to make. Though they obviously cannot decide your future pathway for you, they can help to arrange your ideas, and work out your priorities, as well as what pathways are more realistic than others. For example, I liked the idea of one course, until I realised it was more about the safety and familiarity of it that appealed to me, and would not really get me much closer to a direct career I was considering.
  • It puts things into perspective – As mentioned above, it wasn’t until someone was repeating my ideas back to me, that certain ones jumped out to be immediately being more realistic than others, in terms of who I am as a person and the kind of thing I want out of my experience post-university. When the ideas are all in your head, it can be hard to tell which ones are more suitable than others, and it is hard to envision yourself taking these pathways.

Before attending your appointment, there are some things for you to do/consider:

  • Carefully jot down all your possible plans e.g. a grad job, masters course, travelling – whatever it might be. If you already have an order of preference, note this down, too. The more you can tell your advisor about your options, the easier it will be for you to get talking about the important stuff.
  • Don’t go into the appointment thinking all of your queries will be resolved – hopefully, some of the confusion and stress will clear up through talking to a specialist. However, ultimately, they cannot decide on your future for you, and their role is to guide.

I hope this has provided some insight into my experience with the careers department. To check out what they offer, see their website at

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Abigail Booth | English Language and Linguistics with Intercalated year Contact Abigail

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