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The beginning of the end: last ever lectures, alpacas, and all that jazz

As another term finally draws to a close, I thought another far overdue blog post was fitting. Apologies again, however I think looking back, my gradual decline in blogging since those days as a bright-eyed fresher and year gallivanting the globe speaks for itself…the pressures of final year are really beginning to take their toll…


Yes, I think it is fair to say that whilst embracing forth year, and consequently life as a twenty- something-grandma, as ever, my days have involved copious amounts of herbal tea and essay writing dressed from head to toe in alpaca knits..



I think it really struck me that this really is the beginning of the end when earlier last term our graduation dates were released. What’s more having had my last ever (and rather wine-fuelled) lecture last Friday courtesy of the fabulous Italian department, the end really is now in sight. Coincidently finishing on my Italian feminism module, and what has probably been one of my favourite modules during my four years at Warwick, it was certainly nice to end on a high.


You know you’re achieving life goals when you get an alpaca painted on your face at Kasbah.

Marking the end of term two with a celebratory night out whilst biding a rather sad and emotional farewell to two of our wonderful Erasmus flatmates as they return to Italy and Spain. Can you see a reoccurring theme here?

In fact, as I rack my brains to think of how on earth this term has flown by so fast, I’ve realised that quite a lot has been going on…



A rather bizarre evening of belated pancake making


Yes, week 6 once again saw another showcase, this time hosted by Warwick Tap in Leamington. With performances from CMD, Warwick Devils, Latin and Ballroon, Argentine Tango, Belly, Salsa, EQHO, Bhangra amongst many more of Warwick’s various dance societies, the day was a huge success and served as much needed break from what had been an intense week of essay writing that reading week.




As I have repeatedly said during the many School of Modern Languages and Cultures offer-holder open days I have been working at this year, societies and sports clubs are a great way of switching off from academic work which, particularly as a finalist, is actually something I find really hard to do. It can also allow you to either try something totally different, or to continue with something that you are passionate alongside your studies whilst at university.

In fact, for the last couple of years, I have been a member of CMD (Classical and Modern Dance society).It’s actually one of the largest sports clubs at Warwick, and offers a wide range of dance classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels across a range of different styles including; Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Commercial HipHop, as well as classes in Flexibility and Technique. With the added opportunity of getting involved in weekly socials or the extensive charity work that CMD carries out throughout the year, for those more serious dancers there is also the chance to compete at national level.

What’s more, you can do as many or as few classes as you want, or (as is most often the case) your timetable and course pressures permit. Therefore as a fourth year, although I have only been able to make one class a week this year, just that alone was sometimes all that was needed to momentarily break away from the world of academia, the monotonous gym routine, and escape to the world of the Cell Block Tango.

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