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The Beginning of the End: Fourth Year Feelings

Tomorrow will be my final ever first day back at university, since I will be starting my fourth and final year. I am really excited to get stuck back into things but it has got me feeling rather sentimental. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was moving into halls (#westwoodisbestwood) and beginning my degree. Yet here I am, three years down the line, feeling quite old and hopefully a bit wiser. The usual first-day-back nerves aren’t here this year; instead I am ready to make the most of my last year at Warwick.

I am looking forward to delving even deeper into the areas of maths and physics. I am doing my fourth-year project in fluid dynamics which promises to be really interesting. Doing a project allows us to investigate a real research problem over the course of two terms, working with a partner and a member of academic staff. Since it will take up a considerable chunk of my time, I am looking forward to getting my teeth into the problem. It should be interesting to use some of my programming and modelling skills to do some lovely simulations. Due to the project, I will also have fewer exams to do this year. This will mean I have more time to focus on individual modules, resulting in a less stressful exam season!

Outside of my studies, I want to get back into practicing judo. Unfortunately, I was unable to do some judo over the summer so am itching to get back on the mat. After earning my yellow and orange belts last year, I can hopefully earn another one before I graduate! It would be great to do some more dancing too; over the last two years I taught the beginner’s tap class. Since I am not doing that this year, it would be nice to go to a class myself. I have done tap for as long as I can remember and would love to keep up the hobby.

Since this will be my final year at Warwick, most of all I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and soaking up as much of the Warwick atmosphere as possible. Having a couple of my closest friends graduate last summer really put it into perspective about how quickly our time here goes. When I graduate, I hope to have no regrets about things I wished I had done. This means I am ready to get involved with societies and sports, sample as many of Leamington’s cafes as I can and generally throw myself back into Warwick life. My third year was such a blast, and I have a sneaky feeling my fourth year will be better yet.


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