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That Was The Week That Was: Six Days in the Life of a Third Year Maths Student

Student life can vary a lot hour to hour and day to day, and there’s always so much going on that it can be difficult to know exactly what it looks like before you get started. I decided to keep a log of this week to give you a little bit of a window into what I actually do. This definitely varies from person to person – in my third year, I’ve been able to choose all of my own modules, so I’ve tailored my course in such a way that it’s focussed on the topics that I’m really interested in. There are also so many ways to spend your free time that it’s pretty easy to find something to do that you love. Without further ado…


Walked to campus for Computer Graphics lecture. Came home, made a batch of sweet potato and black bean burritos. Booked train tickets for trip to Cambridge at the weekend. Walked to campus for Complexity of Algorithms and Neural Computing lectures. Walked home and had dinner with my friend Marissa. Printed the rounds for the Quiz Society pub quiz. Walked back to campus to deliver the pub quiz. Walked back home. Tried to make sense of my Complexity of Algorithms assignment, but didn’t understand the format we were meant to give our answer in, so I made notes on Formal Languages.

Burrito filling


Walked to campus for Complexity of Algorithms seminar – the tutor clarified how to format our answers and I understood how to complete the rest of the assignment. Walked home. Filled in Unitemps timesheets for my WWS work. Researched upcoming events in the Careers and Skills department. Read some Wikipedia to learn more stuff for Quiz Society. Walked to campus for Complexity of Algorithms and Neural Computing lectures. Collected snacks and buzzers from home for Quiz Society buzzer quiz. Went to buzzer quiz. Came home. Reheated a burrito for dinner.


Dealt with Quiz Society email. Walked to campus for History of Mathematics lecture. Walked to Tesco with my friend Andrew, then went home. Reheated a burrito for lunch. Wrote some questions for Quiz Society’s Introductory Buzzer Quiz. Made haddock, rice and vegetables for dinner. Wrote more questions for the IBQ. Went to Tesco to procrastinate. Wrote more questions for IBQ.


Had a lab for Computer Graphics at 09:00 – learnt to use MSYS2 Terminal. Went to Computer Graphics lecture. Went to the JP Morgan stall in the SU to discuss possible career plans (and got a free blueberry smoothie!). Went home to collect some buzzers for IBQ from Marissa. Went to the Autumn Careers Fair to see what grad schemes might be suitable for me. Went to Neural Computing lecture. Went home to finish and organise the questions for IBQ. Walked to campus with all the buzzers with Andrew and Yifei. Ran the IBQ – 5 rounds of round robin and a final for the top two teams. Went to The Dirty Duck for a dinner social. Chatted about quizzing with new members. Walked home with suitcase full of buzzers.


Gave a campus tour to a prospective student and their family. Went to Complexity of Algorithms and History of Maths lectures. Went home for lunch and read History of Maths notes. Met my tutor to discuss an Unusual Options form and my initial ideas for the Third Year Essay module. Handed Unusual Options form into the Undergraduate Office. Went to Computer Graphics lecture. Went home. Put a load of washing in the machine. Packed for going to Cambridge. Filled in a timesheet for the campus tour. Hung the washing on the clothes airer. Went to bed early.



Got a taxi to the station to catch early train to Cambridge via London. Slept on the first train. Read History of Maths notes on the second train. Shared a taxi to the other side of Cambridge with another quizzer. Read questions and kept score at a quiz tournament all day. Went to the pub with quizzers from other universities. Staying the night at a friend’s house in Cambridge.

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