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Thanks, Warwick!

Daira Povez Gamboa Peru
I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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Summer Holidays are almost gone, and the academic year is about to let us in. Time flies. At least for me; it seems like yesterday when I first heard about OurWarwick, or when I arrived on campus for the first time or when I wrote my first blog here! Time flies and there is nothing we can do to stop, but do not worry, university life is one of the best experiences ever!

My dad had always told me that university was the best time of his life. There he met my mum, his closest friends who became the family he has chosen and who have been with him in the hardest moments. There he changed his destiny; he did what many dream of and never get.

My dad was a dreamer and such I am. He was born and lived in a small village in Peruvian Highlands. This place was not even on the maps some years ago. However, he wanted to go out of this, he always wanted to study in a good university, to live abroad someday. Therefore, he travelled to the capital, Lima. He applied to many universities, to a national university that is free of fees in Peru. He had 3 options, if he did not get it, he would have had to go back to his village. He got rejected 1, then 2 and when he had already lost his hope, he got it. San Marcos university is the oldest university in all America (I mean in the south, central and north America), founded in 1551. My mum entered this university too, she was in 2 positions over my dad in the admission exam.

The 80s and 90s were hard times in Peru: economic crisis, unemployment, terrorism, insecurity, chaos, and people leaving the country! My dad always says: “Just the poor people stayed, but we reconstructed Peru!”.

My dad joined the technology division of a top global mining firm called Glencore. He started just serving coffee or fixing computers, but there he got one of the first opportunities of his life: He got a place in a course in the US. He was going to Miami and then to Boston. He dreamt about this since he was a child and he got it. My mum and all his family when to Peru’s main airport; it was such an event!

In the US, he realized that he didn’t want to leave Peru. He talked with some Chilean friends who have lived in the US for many years. They all have 2 cars, big houses but they just live to work! After that time, my dad has gone to the US 10+ times. My mum, too. I remember we got lost when we went to Disney because we went to the Monorail (my mum’s dream)!

My parents and I have travelled around the world, but they showed to valuate everything: that one day you can be in the best restaurant in NYC with the view of the Empire State and the other day you could be in Peru’s rustic markets eating a soup.

When I first arrived at Warwick, I felt like my dad in the US (1997) or like my mum in Venice. I felt that everything was possible and that no one can stop me ever! I still believe that, and I am going to do it forever. I am a lucky person; I cannot lie, and I am proud of who I am: a Peruvian dreamer.

And I would like to thank Warwick for giving me opportunities, for opening the doors of such an amazing world that is waiting for us.

Good luck in everything and do not forget that if you are here is for a reason and you cannot lose the opportunity.

Daira Povez Gamboa Peru
I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
Find out more about me Contact Daira

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