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Thanks for the memories, Warwick! (+ last ever post)

On Tuesday, I graduated with a BSc and Masters in Mathematics and Physics! It was such a fun day and I loved being able to celebrate it with my family and friends. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily for us graduates in our heavy black gowns, it was a beautiful warm day. At least the photos we took looked nice, which made up for feeling hot during the ceremony!

The actual ceremony felt really special; everyone was cheering and clapping as the graduates collected their certificates. You could feel the excitement and love in the room, and walking across the stage is an experience I won’t forget! It’s a little strange that four years of really hard work culminated with a short walk and a few handshakes. However, I wouldn’t have changed anything about the day.

These last four years have been great – not easy or always fun – but they have certainly shaped me into the person I am today! I will miss my time here for sure, and it is the people I have met along the way that I will miss the most. I have met some kind, inspirational and interesting people and my closest friends have made the whole experience truly exceptional. I feel honoured to have such supportive and fun people around me, and I am sure my university experience wouldn’t have been half as good without them.

I will also really miss the campus. Warwick campus is beautiful and I have some lovely memories of picnics, walks and tea breaks (Curiositea will always have a special place in my heart!). The fact that campus is always evolving means I definitely want to visit in the future to see how it has changed!

Although I am moving on to do different things, and am definitely ready for a change, I have loved learning more about maths and physics. I have learnt that my specialism lies within fluid dynamics, which I did my fourth-year project in, but also have a love of General Relativity and theoretical physics. My course has opened my eyes to different areas of research and instilled in me a deeper curiosity and drive to learn about the world around me.

Throughout my time at Warwick, I’ve done things I would never have even dreamed of. My favourite experiences include training in judo, organising Pizazz in 2017, being a Faculty Rep last year and then a student trustee this year. In fact, most of these things have come about by chance. This just goes to show that you can’t truly plan your future; if you keep an open mind, the best things really do lie at the edge of your comfort zone.

I don’t believe that these four years will be the “best years of my life”; I’d like to think I will have even better adventures in the future, but they have definitely been brilliant. I have become more confident, outspoken and disciplined. The journey has been a lot of fun, and I have learnt so much more, about myself and the world around me, than I ever expected to. Overall, I wouldn’t change a thing.

To all the Warwick grads of the future, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do!


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