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Term Three Health

Term three tends to hit everyone quite hard and with all the exams, essays and events going on, it’s easy to let certain parts of every day life slip. Many of my friends complain about how mental and physical health tends to take a backseat during exam season and I’ve witnessed it in myself and others. Although I’m no expert, here are some ideas that might help you take care of your health in third term and look after those around you.

While everyone may be struggling, it’s important to put yourself first. Don’t let your own health suffer while ensuring everyone else is okay. That’s not to isolate yourself from others, but make sure you’re looking after yourself first. Take revision breaks and relax after a day of hard work, take baths and listen to relaxing music, watch your favourite TV program or film, read a book that’s not related to your degree, just take time to look after you.

It’s easy to isolate yourself in your bedroom or spend all day plugged into your laptop in the library, but make sure to spend time with friends. Revising with course mates can be really useful when testing each other and sharing notes, or getting together in the evening for a meal, chill movie night or a drink or two (we’re all missing POP! let’s be honest). A bit of human contact can go a long way in a stressful period, so make sure you spend time with others to ease yours and others’ stress.

We’ve all stood up at the end of the day after putting in a great revision shift and feeling so achy we just want to fall into bed. Try to keep active during exam period, whether that means a morning gym session, lunchtime walk break or evening swim. Sport can lower your stress levels, aid concentration and help you sleep better at night, ready for a fresh revision day in the morning.

I think this applies particularly for those living off campus, but I’ve definitely spent too much sat on campus, nibbling at a Tesco’s meal deal or Dirty Duck dinner. Pack a healthy lunch and snacks to bring on with you to save the sterling and time and try to maintain a balanced diet. Those vital vitamins will help concentration and help how you feel, so even if you’re feeling stressed about exams, hopefully some healthy eating and the lovely sunshine we’re having will make you a bit happier.

It’s important to have breaks during revision, and particularly after. Let’s be honest, we all deserve it. Reward yourself at the end of a hard day’s work and make sure you party hard after exams too. There’s so much going on towards the end of term with various balls, BBQs, charity sport competitions etc. to be a part of, or even just setting up a picnic with your friends in a park in Leam. Be sure to treat yourself well, I’m sure you will have smashed it.

These are a few of my ideas to help you keep yourself healthy, both mentally and physically during term three. If you are struggling with mental health problems, speak to your friends and family who will be more than happy to give you the time you need, or there are plenty of experts to talk to on campus. Hope all your exams go to plan, I know you’ll smash them!

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