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Term Abroad: Day 0 Thoughts

Today is the 28th March, and I will be boarding a plane in just a few hours at Birmingham International Airport to Dubai, and then on to Melbourne on a 23.5 hour flight. There I will stay for three months completing a Chemistry research project under Doug MacFarlane.

Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited and I am! I can’t wait to get there and settle in and do some awesome chemistry and improve my surfing etc etc but right now can’t say that I’m not a little bit scared!

This is stepping into the unknown like I have never really done it before. I am leaving without any close friends or family, and I will be away for four and a half months. How am I going to react? Will I like Australia? Will Australia like me? You can’t help but think of the worst, even though I know I am thinking worst case scenario!

I also can’t help but compare to when I came to Warwick, as it is a similar change to my surroundings. I grew up a lot just in the first month of university, and was surprised at my ability to integrate. I think my fear of crippling loneliness is somewhat a motivator to force myself to socialise and get involved, and thus I should be….thankful for that? We’ll soon see if it works again!

What is helping me stay calm is not focusing on the big picture, because the big picture gives me vertigo! I think about the little things, like meeting my friends in Melbourne in the first day or two, researching what films I am going to watch on the plane, looking up places I can buy a cheap surfboard for my weekends. Things like that mean I am cooler than an ice cube in the freezer. Completely chilled. Nothing to stress about here. :l .

They say (mostly on instagram) that money you spend travelling is the only way you spend to end up richer. I hope they are right.

Will be aiming to blog weekly about my time in the other hemisphere and I hope you, avid reader of Warwick student blogs, find it interesting and may inspire you to head over yourself. If I can do it you DEFINITELY can!

Fiona xx

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