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Term 3, Week 9- Relax and enjoy

The final weeks of term are very strange. The exam stress instantly disappears, everyone is on a high, everyone is ready to go out and just celebrate the end of the year! I’ve been home a couple times and it’s been great. Coming to and from campus is great because you get to see your family and then stay for nights out!

During these few weeks I have become more involved in Save the Children. I am now an ambassador for the charity and because I now have plenty of free time so I can volunteer more. I volunteered in Burton and Balsall Common, the team I work with are really friendly they always offer lifts and are flexible with working around my plans.

I have also been involved in the URSS research project, where you are conducting a project of your own choice. I am now planning for my project as I will be completing it in London! I’m so excited to focus on something that is purely of my own interest, and that I can choose what I want to focus on.

Basically, I am trying to sort out my life. Figuring out my possible future career, and building my skills for the future!

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