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Term 3, Week 7- FINAL WEEK!

LAST WEEK OF REVISION! So excited to be free! To do the things I want to do without feeling guilty. Yes, I’ve had a few spontaneous nights out during my exams, I’ve had days where I’ve procrastinated for 12 hours. But when you’re still smiling you’re still winning! Remember it’s all about learning how you work best. And make sure you work to the standard you know you should be working. It doesn’t matter how you get there, you just need to know where you’re going!

I’m the member of the flat who started their exams first and will be the last to finish. But, it’s fine, you just try and enjoy it….if that is possible. There has been intense vibes within the flat, everyone is focused, some people’s first year counts so there is extra pressure, expect the dynamic of the flat to change. All you need to remember is that you are working for yourself, don’t let anyone interrupt your working zone and pattern. Remember the balance of work and play.

I went home for a few days, and honestly it was the best way to relax and recharge. I’ve been in revision mode for over 8 weeks, plus revision during easter! Taking a break and changing the scene completely helped me to motivate myself to push myself for my final exam. Remember what you’re here for, why you’re striving for this degree! It’s so easy to be demotivated if you’ve had difficult exams or unexpected circumstances. But all you can do is try your best, make sure your best improves your potential. Sticking in the comfort zone will not give you the results you want.

Exams have been OK so far, a solid 6/10. The exam papers themselves have been challenging but in a strange way, quite fun to complete. Fun because the style of the questions allow you to adapt the knowledge you have to mould it into an answer that will be unique and hopefully give you marks. Classics is amazing like that. When you revise topics for the exam make sure you have a range, within your topics develop detailed knowledge until you’re confident you will have enough to say in ana essay. Secondary material isn’t a priority, primary sources are the one to focus on. Once you have those topics master them!

Enjoy your freedom!

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