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Term 3, Week 6 – Zoning out

Being at Uni for such a long time makes you go crazy! I’m here forgetting what day it is, I’m now living to my true body clock. Conventional times of the day have gone out of the window, at 3pm I’m here having breakfast! But it’s fine, make your to-do list and complete it. Get your things done, no matter what. It’s weird because I don’t have any lectures, or any commitments unless I make them.

It’s easy to go out of your zone during term 3, it feels like you’re floating and you’re forcing yourself to work. Arrange to meet up with your friends and have study sessions, doesn’ matter if they’re not productive, it just helps you to think that you have actually been productive in your day. Make sure you’re leaving the flat, and still living! I took my family out to Leamington, purely because it gave me an excuse to get out of the flat and to reflect on this term because honestly it all seems like one big blur.

TAKE A BREAK. I’ve literally done nothing for hours in the day, but then I get back in the zone after. It’s impossible to work all day, in a productive way. So taking the time to do other things is fine, otherwise, you will get sick of looking at your work. You want to try and make this as fun and enjoyable as possible. sounds crazy, but this is your degree the subject you have chosen to specialise in. People would love to be in your position to master this subject, don’t let yourself down, you deserve to make the best of every opportunity you take.

It’s over soon, summer will be here. Soon you can do all the things you want to do, without the guilt!

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