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Term 3, Week 3- First year is almost complete!

The time has come, seems like yesterday I was unpacking my things and settling here. Now, I’m revising for my exams that are next week! I feel so unprepared and honestly, I have no idea how I am going to do in these exams, but only needing 40% is a blessing! This year is all about understanding how you’re going to smash the next 2 years. No need to be too hard on yourself, you need to understand how much work you need to do, the importance of being on the ball from day 1, not leaving everything last minute (like I have!).

But looking back, this year has been incredible. You always need to look at the positive and remember you’ve been working so hard to get into University. In this one year, where nothing counts, no matter what you’re going to leave this year with plenty of lessons to work on for your future years…basically, at the end of the day, we are all winners.

Focus and just try your best, that’s all we can do. No point saying: Oh I wish I worked harder, we would always say that, but it proves that you are always pushing yourself. Coming out of your comfort zone, when it comes to working for your degree, is obviously very scary, but that’s where all the growing and improvements happen. Be proud of all your achievements, even the small ones are to be acknowledged.

Good luck.

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