Term 3, week 10- Final week of first year begins! – OurWarwick

Term 3, week 10- Final week of first year begins!

After a busy week of going out, saw Rihanna and Jeremih in concert, saying goodbye to everyone. In a way it reminds me of freshers, instead of all the hellos, it’s now goodbyes. It’s crazy to think how much has happened this year. It’s nice just to relax and do nothing with all your friends. In my final weeks, it’s nice to plan to do things, explore Warwick, volunteer do whatever just don’t sit around and do absolutely nothing…unless you want to! Watch those movies you’ve missed, catch up on a series, print some pictures off- do whatever! Just have fun and enjoy!

This final week is results week, I’m prepared for the worse. Don’t think about results too much, first year the priority is to pass. Obviously, you would want to find out each individual mark so you can see what your strengths are but passing is key! Be positive, and be ready- the week is here!

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