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Term 3 & Revision Setup

Term 3 is a weird one. All of the content has been covered and, bar a few revision lectures, I’m more or less left to my own devices. This is both ace and disastrous. It’s ace because I’ve got plenty of time to revise and brush up on various topics etc… before my first exam on May 31st (wish me luck!). It’s disastrous because I have a month to organise and motivate myself to dive into these modules!

Thankfully, as I’m in second year now, I was able to choose most of my modules. As a result, I’m finding it much easier to put the time in, as I’m genuinely interested in most of the topics covered. This year also counts towards my degree… 50% of it in fact… so there’s always some extra motivation there. Aside from revision and essay writing, I’m continuing to work on WinchPharma. Happily, a lot of the content covered this year at University is directly applicable to my work at WinchPharma, and visa versa. As a result, I’m finding that doing both is actually helping both, rather than the effect many thought it would have of leaving me with no time! Admittedly, I don’t have much free time (if any), but the benefits I’ve noticed through working on both have been drastic. Theories we’ve learnt about in lectures I’ve observed at work, which has not only helped me to solve any work issues, but helped me to better understand that theory at University. My point is they feed into each other and complement each other quite nicely – so I’d recommend it!

I’ve also noticed people having lots of different strategies for term 3 revision – it’s quite interesting to see. Lot’s of people favour travelling from wherever they live to go to campus to revise in one of the learning grids, cafe’s or the main library. Others (like me) prefer to stay at home and work from there. Whilst there are benefits of going in (working with friends to understand tricky topics, being sociable, not getting distracted by things at home), I think I’m more effective at home. This is in no small part down to my revision setup in my room (I spent far too long doing this but I’m strangely proud of my revision setup). I’m sure you’re all dying to know so I’ll talk you through it…

Firstly, dual screen setup. Run a HDMI cable to another screen so you can read and google at the same time. Or read and Facebook. Or Facebook and YouTube. Either way you feel like you’re plugging yourself into the Matrix when you sit down to revise and that can only be a good thing. Secondly, mini-fridge. Naturally stocked with energy drinks, smoothies and snacks. Keep the mini-fridge by your desk for uninterrupted procrastination/revision – whatever you’re into. Thirdly, coffee machine. I’m not much of a morning person, so having a coffee machine by my bed helps give me the energy to get myself out of bed (which is no mean feat!). Another couple of small features to my revision setup: exam timetable printed and stuck to the wall in-front of my desk – this strikes unparalleled fear into me at every glance, promoting revision/tears. Snack draw – not all snacks are mini-fridge suitable and it’s imperative to have ample snacks whilst revising. Last but not least – an external hard drive. This may seem like a weird one but the last thing you want is to lose all of your beautifully typed up notes/essay, so I keep an external hard drive plugged into my laptop backing it up all the time in case the worst happens.

I think that’s about it, term 3 is a weird one…

That’s all for now,


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