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Term 3 Is A Weird One

So we’re back and ready to charge through Term 3. I’m not going to lie, but it already feels like a pretty weird term since it’s so different to Terms 1 and 2. We dont have any more lectures, only revision lectures which consist of around 4 hours a week. Therefore, we have loads more free time which is great for work productivity but also quite daunting. Us Psychology students still have our BIG final project to complete by the deadline in two weeks, so my focus will be aimed towards that from now on. From then, I’ll have three weeks to revise and learn everything that I possibly can before my exams start. It’s weird knowing that Term 3 for me is only 6 weeks long – a normal 10 week Term normally flies by don’t you think? So 6 weeks will disappear right before I can blink. The good feeling about this term is knowing that Summer is only 6 weeks away!

I went to the infamous Kasbah Monday last night, but I thought to myself ‘Should I be going out in Term 3?’. I had a slight feeling of guilt inside me, but since I’m working on my final project at the moment and not technically stuck into revision, I figured it would do no harm? Perhaps in a couple weeks when I am revising 24/7, I probably won’t go out – I might as well save all my energy for the fun we’ll have after exams! It’s sad to think that I only have a short time left of my first year, I cannot explain how fast it has gone. Also, only a while left living on campus – for me, Jack Martin. I know 100% that I’ll be crying inside when having to trek to lectures from Leamington next year, so I’m trying to make the most of my time here.

I have a question for any first year students – do you plan on revising in your campus bedrooms this term or in the library/learning grid? I believe most accomodations have a 24 hour silence rule going on this term, but of course that isn’t always abided by. I had a look round both the library and Rootes learning grid yesterday, but I couldn’t find a spot to sit ANYWHERE. I’m guessing I’ll have to just revise in my bedroom, unless anyone knows of any other available revising spots? Or the best times to get a seat in the library or learning grid?

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