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Term 3 Happenings

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Term 3 is the term of revision. I’ve not had many lectures or seminars this term, meaning I’ve had plenty of time to put off revision in the comfort of my room. Despite what I initially thought, however, there’s still plenty going on in term 3. Most of the societies I’m part of are still holding regular events and I’m still playing football, running my businesses and going out with mates like the last two terms. All of this is a cracking break from procrastination.

One thing that’s been great for me so far at WBS is how there are so many materials for revision online (on my.wbs). This has ranged from videos, lecture slides, revision packs, past papers, lecture capture etc… All of which have been massively helpful in the small pockets of productive time that come now and then. Couple this with the odd revision session and I’ve got all the stuff I need to revise effectively – it’s just doing it that’s the hard bit!

Quick business update for you, I’m still running Masworth with a friend I met here at uni. We’ve spent the last few months working on Jropp, a job website which we hope will make it easier for graduates (as well as the general populous) to find a job. We’ve also entered it into VOOM – a Virgin business competition (check it out, and vote for us here: https://www.vmbvoom.com/pitches/jropp-jobs-the-job-application-revolution).

Starting and running these businesses at Warwick has made things so much easier because of the access to resources and knowledge we have at WBS. If I’m concerned about something legal, or something to do with business strategy, or anything in fact, there’s someone I can ask and get an answer back really quickly. This may be the members of one of the business related societies, a lecturer, seminar tutor, anyone really.

With revision, procrastination and running my businesses that’s about all of my time gone!

But it’s better to be busy than bored!

Wish me luck in my exams… I’ll need it


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