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Term 3 FAQs

Vikram Kumar Khosla | Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) (Warwick Scholar) Contact Vikram

Term 3 is fast approaching!

This year has actually flown by. For the purposes of Warwick offer holders, and even first-years, this blog will outline what Term 3 at university usually entails in a FAQ format.

Everyone keeps on saying this but it’s really worth just reiterating that it’s been an extraordinarily strange and unusual year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As it’s expected that some restrictions are set to continue into Term 3, it will be a very different Term 3, in comparison to previous years (except last year – 2020). For a start, exams are online this year for most courses – either an online paper or a replacement assignment version. However, the structure of Term 3 is set to be the same as in past years.

How long is Term 3?

Officially, Term 3 is the same length as other terms, which is 10 weeks.

A key point to note though is that you can finish up on your university work commitments (end of year exams/assessments) by week 10. So, students usually like to enjoy the final week[s] of term/university year doing a lot of fun things with no real pressures of exams/work!

When do exams begin?

Exams usually begin around week 4 and end week 9. This does vary though so it could be earlier/later depending on what course you are doing. Therefore, it’s best to check the exam timetable, with your module leader / Moodle page, department and office for full information.

The exam timetable is expected to be released during the first week of Term 3 – which means it should be out by the end of April or very early May latest (according to the University).

It’s possible that you might have exam-replacement essays, given that exams will be online and not everything is transferred into the exam-type format. These assignments will have a deadline so make sure you’re aware of what it is.

Are lectures and seminars on?

This varies by course and module, but term 3 doesn’t usually entail extra teaching and learning. There are notable exceptions with some modules. For example, I was studying a new topic – logic – in Term 3 as part of the introduction to philosophy module in my first year. Generally, some lecturers may use the first couple of weeks just to wrap up on the year’s content. Usually, any scheduled lectures and seminars take place in the first few weeks. Again, these are usually for revision purposes (revisiting content) and information like the exam structure, tips and advice.

We’ve had Autumn and Winter SU elections. Will there be any Summer elections?

Yes – there are elections for some limited roles. For example, some SSLCs decide to hold elections at the start of Term 3 to get new course representatives elected in advance for the new academic year that begins in September. Keep an eye out for communications from the SU, societies and your department/office/university.  

Are there usually any end of year celebration events?

There’s always something going on around campus. Subject to governmental guidelines and restrictions, it’s unclear what ‘celebrations’ might be held. This ranges from being entirely student-led to staff involvement. Some student only (student-led) activities include parties, gatherings, society events etc. Again, it’s worth emphasising that it’s subject to rules and restrictions. Some staff-student interactions that have occurred have ranged from meals to final get-togethers ahead of summer.

These were just a few common FAQs that I have answered on Term 3. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Vikram Kumar Khosla | Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) (Warwick Scholar) Contact Vikram

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