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Term 2, Week 9- Asoc Ball and snuggs

Finally ASOC ball! It was such a great night! It felt like I was back home, dancing to songs we all love, eating food we love to eat, and being with great friends! Bhangra and Gaana performed on the night and I had a blast, performing without the thought of being judged for a competition is amazing. I love being able to celebrate my culture at uni!

Essays due on Thursday! But all weekend I’ve been snuggling in my bed doing nothing 🙂 But watch the panic strike and I’ll blast through both of them. One is an RCS essay and the other is a formative (one that doesn’t count towards my module) philosophy essay. Formative essays do seem pointless, but, they are so important to help you understand how you are expected to tackle an exam question or a summative essay. It’s basically like a mock. The introduction to ancient history module is 100% exam, so this formative essay will give a clear indication on what to expect for the exam.

Last week of term next week! Sad times :'(

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