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Term 2, Week 6- half reading week

Dance, read & chill

Unfortunately first year classicists do not get reading week, but I didn’t have any philosophy lectures or seminars. This was a perfect time to catch up on everything, and be lazy! It’s crazy that I’m already half way through my second term here. Things seem to be easier, in the sense that I have a clearer idea of what I’m doing when thinking about my work. I’m quite excited for next year when everything seems a lot more real because it will all contribute to my degree!

This weekend is Pizzaz! Most of the dance societies come together and perform in Leamington! Warwick Bhangra has performed many times this year within Warwick, but, this time seems a lot more special because the whole team is performing on the same stage. So dancing has been very intense! Practice everyday, but I still managed to squeeze in a night out in Smack.

My weekends are busy with family occasions, and during the week is full of reading and practice! Everything is busy, and I love it.

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