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Term 2, Week 5- What a time, to be alive.

Second GCS essay in! Revision for next Greek exam starts and house is sorted!!!!!!

I’m currently living in Heronbank (beautiful place to be) and there are 6 of us who were looking for a house to live in. Unfortunately, Warwick accommodation cannot supply housing for all students. So we started to look privately after being told to wait for Warwick accommodation to bring new properties up…they never did. Then we had a huge panic, looking for houses, asking older students, and pestering Warwick accommodation. Nothing seemed to be working, a 6 bed house seemed impossible to find. Then Warwick accommodation revealed that they had a 10 bedroom house, in a great location and within our weekly budget of about £90 for rent in Leamington. The only thing we had to do is find the extra 4 people and then sign the contract. Thankfully we did find a group of 4 and now the contract is signed and we have somewhere to live next year! My only concerns are, I don’t really know the group of 4 so it can either work out really well or there’s going to be a divide. Honestly, they seem lovely and I hope we all merge into one solid group! Living out is going to be strange because we gotta pay BILLS! But these are skills that we’re going to need in the future. Need to make sure the house isn’t destroyed! But it’s going to be so much fun.

Bhangra is crazy, 6 hour rehearsals about 4/5 times a week. Only 20 days until competition! so we really need to focus and perfect everything! Sikh society recently held a brilliant talk about the Sikh genocides, focusing mostly on the horrors of 1984. It was brilliant because people from different faiths and cultures came to listen about my own family history. I think it’s important for people to realise that although religious societies may focus on a specific faith, it doesn’t mean that we will not welcome any questions or aid you in developing your understanding of the wider world. At the end of the day you’ve come to a university to learn and take the most out of every experience, even if it is something that is out of your comfort zone, that’s when the best learning occurs.

Philosophy- lots of reading, GCS-essay is done and I feel a lot more confident about this one. I listened to the feedback but I didn’t actually talk to my tutor about my ideas which I really regret because I still have the chance of misinterpreting the question or an analysis. But 1st year is when you learn how to prepare yourself and learn your own strengths and weaknesses so in years 2 and 3, where your academic achievements actually count, you will be ready…hopefully. RCS- essay is on it’s way! this time, I will talk to my tutor and make sure my approach to the question is correct. Univeristy is like a game, you need to make sure you’re ticking all the boxes in the criteria, even if you indirectly meet a specification you gotta make it clear in your essay that you are analysing or evaluating etc. Ways to do that is in your phrasing and that’s why it’s good to talk to your tutor about your writing style to make sure that they can see that you are hitting the mark scheme. I’ve attended multiple academic writing workshops, and unfortunately, they didn’t really help me because they covered the basics. they were mostly aimed at students who had not written long essays, which I have because I did history and English coursework in my A Levels. But writing style is key to try and master in your first year because then you can be confident every time you write.

I recently attended a charity and volunteers career talk. It was very useful. Past Warwick students who have now excelled in the third sector gave us great tips and revealed the realities of working with charities. The main thing they encouraged it to get any type of work experience alongside my studies, even if it is stacking shelves in Tesco. But it shows that you’re great at multitasking and that you have developed brilliant skills. Also, administration work is quite important since a charity is basically a business thus good administration is key to have a successful charity. So if you’re interested in this sector, find some admin work. Another quality employers look for is resilience and drive. If you want a solid 9-5 job then this sector is not for you. You need to have enough passion and enthusiasm to be willing to finish the tasks that were set for that day. Even if it meant staying on at work, your attitude towards your work is important. Working in a charity sector may not be the highest paid jobs, but at the end of the day, the rewards and personal achievements are more valuable.

Reading week begins, but classics unfortunately doesn’t have reading week!

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