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Term 2, week 4

I’ve been so busy and tired that I can’t even remember the days of the week!

Last week I was out in Birmingham! Catching the 5 am train back and then made my 9 am! But last week was quite chilled out in the sense that the play rehearsals were over, but I was bombarded with dance practice. Only 4 weeks left until the competition! Stamina needs to develop and I need to polish all my moves. Seems possible just need to focus.

New years resolutions have gone out of the window! I haven’t seen my personal tutor! My essay is due on Wednesday seems like I’m going to have to pull plenty of all nighters. But the positive is that I’m up to date with all my reading which will be beneficial in the future because I can use my notes for revision for my exams! Seminars are getting easier to prepare for because you know what to look for when thinking about discussions and debates. Especially for philosophy, there is a better structure where there is planned reading and as a group, we discuss any questions we may have and work together to try and figure out theories and debates. The seminars help with consolidating your own opinions and enriches your notes with varied opinions and further suggested reading.

Greek is literally a blur, it does get easier because lots of things repeat themselves. Patterns help with revision and I can’t believe I have my exam in 2 weeks! Time goes so fast it’s so sad! But keeping up with notes and keeping on top of vocab is difficult because it’s so easy to forget things. Even areas covered last term I have already forgotten and spending that extra 5 mins to just quickly refresh the topic helps you so much!

BUT on the brightside, I’m loving every moment here.

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