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Term 2, week 2- We got this!!!

Week 2 done and I’m officially ready just to collapse on the floor and sleep for 40 years. These 2 weeks have been so intense! I’ve had play rehearsals almost every day for the classics play! It’s been tiring and hard work. When you’re in group projects like this, it’s so important to keep your energy high otherwise everyone just zones out and the time you spend together working is almost pointless. But our director has so much energy it really helps to lift our mood and focus!

At the same time, I’m also practicing bhangra for the competition that is in 6 weeks! My legs are constantly sore and my arms are weak……all positive signs of me making gains! Our team is so much fun, we are so alike and I love spending time with them to achieve our mutual goal.

Work is piling a lot, lots of reading with tighter deadlines! The Greek has not slowed down, new vocab and verbs still being thrown at us every week! But somehow I’m finding it easier to memorise. I think having a vocab book, and actually spending 10mins writing out the grammar rules and the actual theory behind the language helps you to plant everything in your mind. Highlighters to colour code patterns in the language are life savers. Greek has so many patterns; if you notice them take advantage so you have less to learn!

I’ve started a new module called Introduction to Ancient Philosophy, which is crazy because we only have 10 weeks to cover such a vast amount of content…thus the pressure of keeping up with reading. The thing is, this module is assessed with an exam in term 3, so all my notes will be prepared if I make clear notes as I go along. The module is more intense than Philosophy in practice because the ideas are a lot more abstract and difficult to relate to. But this is when seminars and office hours become even more valuable. It’s important to read before you come to a seminar because that’s when all your questions can be answered, no question is pointless. I’m sure majority of the students in the room are wondering the same things as you. I always find it helpful to make my notes on the reading, and then on a separate piece of paper write the questions I want to ask. Make sure the questions are detailed and clear, otherwise you’ll forget what you wanted to know (trust me this happens).

Greek culture essay due in 2 weeks, and still no reading done (new years resolution has gone down the drain!)

If you have any questions about anything, I’m here for you always! xx

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