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Term 2 Update

After a lovely Christmas break, term two is in full swing and (in a good way and a bad way!) it feels like I’ve never left Warwick. It’s been great to catch up with friends and really get stuck into my work this term, and I already feel like I’ve been really productive.

I had a major essay deadline on the first Thursday back, which had been hanging over my head since topic submission opened early on in term one, so it felt great to get that submitted. Third year is the first year that BSc and MChem chemistry deviate, and instead of sitting an exam in the Analytical Chemistry module like the MChem students, I have to submit coursework instead. For me, this was five assessed homeworks (all handed in last term), an essay/literature review on a journal article in analytical chemistry, (submitted on Thursday) and a group project in which we have to identify an unknown compound.

For the essay, every student on the course had to pick a different article and we had very little guidance on how to approach the assignment, so I’m unsure what the result will be. However, this taught me a lot about individual study, time management and taking initiative. Hopefully it’ll turn out to have been okay! This term I’ve also started my group project. I’ve never had any experience of assessed group work before, and it’s a learning curve to say the least. Having to rely on other people isn’t something I particularly like, but again, hopefully everything will work out in the end. I’ve been back into the lab (albeit briefly) for the project, in order to make up the samples we need to analyse. That was a nice interlude from revision/lectures, although it was strange being back in the undergrad labs after being away for nearly a year. The hardest part of being back was remembering where everything was kept!

This term I’m also carrying on with my two remaining optional modules, Bioorganic Chemistry, and Advanced Coordination and Bioinorganic Chemistry. Now that my Communicating Science module is over, it’s nice to be able to focus more on lectures rather than assignments, and it’s comforting to know I have a decent grade under my belt for 15 CATS of this year already. This term’s lectures have been really interesting, and in a really weird sort of way I’m looking forward to being able to revise them and really get stuck in. I’m especially enjoying bioinorganic, as inorganic chemistry is one of my favourites, and it’s great to see how it can be applied to a more organic/medicinal setting.

But this term hasn’t been all work so far – I’ve tried to still get involved in new activities even though my focus is getting on with revision. This has been through Warwick Sport, as their classes require less commitment than specific societies and I’ve found that there’s less pressure if you haven’t been at all before throughout the year. Last night I went to the ladies boxing class and it was so much fun. I came out of the class grinning and it reminded me how much better I feel when I make time for exercise. We’ve signed up again for next week, and are planning on trying out a spin class at some point. I’d definitely recommend planning to exercise with a friend (even if it’s just at the gym) as it helps motivate you and is just a lot of fun – it’s always good to have someone to laugh with at how hopeless you are!

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