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Term 2 Round-Up

Sophie Miller
Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

I’m back at home once more, desperately fighting with myself not to give into the temptation to spend all day every day cuddling my dog rather than starting the piles and piles of work I have to do over the holiday. I have nearly finished Essay 1 of the Easter vacation – 1 down, (insert crazy number here) to go. Unfortunately, as a first year English and Creative Writing student, whilst I do manage to largely escape from exams (I only have one this year, although straight English students have two), it does mean the essays can pile up rather quickly at this time of year!

But let’s not think about that too much just now…! I’ve been home just over a week now, as I had to move out bright and early on the morning of Saturday 19th as my accommodation is used for conferences over the Easter holiday. Packing all of my stuff into boxes once again really made me realise how much (potentially pointless) stuff I own – and how small my bedroom here at home is!!

The end of Term 2 saw a very busy few weeks on campus, what with the SU elections taking place and the library starting to fill up extraordinarily quickly as we approach Term 3. In Week 9, I also had a taste of elegance at the Literature and Languages Ball, which was a lovely evening full of posh food, bad dancing and alcohol-induced giggling. It was a great excuse to get all dressed up for a change – and my flatmate was very excited at the opportunity to do my make-up! Here’s a few pictures of me and friends looking all fancy so that you can join in the excitement too:

Ball 1

Ball 2

Ball 3

The following day saw the exec elections for the Writing Society, and after a very unprepared but passion-filled speech, I managed to secure the votes to win me the position of secretary for the following year. In Week 10 we had our hand-over meeting from the old exec and our first official meeting as the new exec, and it’s all very exciting and scary at the same time, but a great opportunity to be more involved in societies on campus. I also now own an official WriSoc hoodie, so I really do feel like part of the gang!

Most of my seminars in the last couple of weeks were filled with anxious questioning about essays and exams and module choices and lots of us looking like rabbits caught in the headlights at the sudden realisation that we were two whole terms through our first year at university! It is so crazy how quickly it has gone, but I guess I’m a Warwick student through and through now and not just a nervous little fresher anymore!

So here’s to five weeks (yes, five weeks!!!) of relaxation, but also hopefully high levels of productivity, before heading back to Warwick for the last term of my first year. See you soon!

Sophie Miller
Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

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