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Term 2- Review

My winter break took quite a while to pass and I really enjoyed it. For second term, I had high motivations. I thought of studying, cooking and having more fun. By then, I had more of this sense of belonging to the new university life and I almost knew where to go in any case (trust me this is an issue as a fresher). As a fresher, I always checked the calendar thrice to confirm where I was heading for my seminar. For the first few weeks, sometimes, I even unfolded that huge campus map out of my bag on the streets to find my way around.

Coming back to narrating the tales of this term, these ten weeks literally flew in the blink of an eye. I never knew how week 10 came so early. Actually, this term was more stressful in terms of coursework and some extracurricular activities I take on.

As soon as the term started, I had an essay due in the second week of the term for one of my modules. At that time, I was also working 20 hours a week for a part time job mon-fri. To be perfectly honest, this was not the best idea as it definitely affected my abilities to concentrate on my academics. I think I did not write the essay in the best manner due to such shortage of time. Hence, my foremost advice to students will be to set their academics as their top priority. It is always good to learn and earn a bit from part time jobs. However, either choose a job that is more flexible or immediately give it up if it limits your academic performances. I gave up my job two weeks into term time. This is because it was so taxing that I was struck by high fever and messed my essay completely.

I left the job and time still didn’t cut any knots on its flying speed. We had quite a few tests this term and online discussions for one module. I definitely cooked much lesser this term due to a shortage of time and some laziness as well. At the end of the term, it was all about parties and society elections. I believe it is more appropriate to elaborate on the latter. As you may have read 567999 times on blogs, Warwick has ample of societies, I will remind that again. What makes these societies function is their lovely exec teams as they are all student led. End of term 2 is all about different societies’ elections to nominate who runs the societies for next academic year. I stood for the ‘Warwick Consulting Society’s’ Secretary and thankfully won. I was the first in terms of vote count.

I believe that is all what transpired in term two. Term three is that scary part of the year which we have all feared since childhood- ‘the dreaded exam season!’ Let’s just hope that part goes well.

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