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Term 2 reflections

I can’t believe that I’ve finished my last ever exam-free term at university! These 3 years have gone flying and each term I continue to grow and develop as a person. Last year I wrote a blog on reflections and I thought I’d do the same for this blog as I keep learning so much. 

Don’t overthink

I overthink a lot. Although it’s something I’m getting better at, I’ve noticed that I’ve been overcomplicating parts and processes of my dissertation when there’s no need for me to. If there’s a part of my dissertation which doesn’t seem complicated to me, I always think I must be doing something wrong but this isn’t the case; it just shows I have learnt more than I think during the three years I’ve been at uni. Overthinking really wastes time and causes stress and stress is vital to minimise whilst at uni. To avoid overthinking, it’s so important to put things into perspective and stop waiting for perfection because at university, it is almost impossible to reach perfection (after all you need 70% rather than 100% to achieve a first because no-one knows everything).

“Do whatever you want to or need to, not what you think you have to do”

This quote has been a lifesaver this term- I’ve saved so much time and stress from saying no to activities I would have felt obliged to do in the past, despite not wanting to or needing to. Sometimes we’ve just got to say no to things which don’t add value to our lives.

“You’re a direct reflection of the people you spend the most time with”

This year I’ve become more motivated, energised and myself and it’s partly due to the people who I surround myself by. My closest friends are extremely hardworking and supportive, and I’ve noticed that I’ve started studying more effectively when I’m with them. Although a common quote is “people never change”, I don’t believe this is entirely true as I’ve really gained new traits which have made me a better person from surrounding myself with the amazing friends I’ve made at uni.  

Travel to places you wouldn’t normally travel to

My friend wanted to go on a girl’s holiday to celebrate her 21st so I assumed we would go to somewhere in the UK or Spain if we’re feeling adventurous as we’ve been there in the past. However, she opted for Lithuania which I thought was quite rogue but we all had such a blast! It really made me want to travel to new places this summer because it’s so fascinating to learn about new cultures and lifestyles.



I know this point isn’t as deep as the others on here but I’ve really improved my fitness this term as I’ve started going to the gym (I’d never been before) and playing squash. I love sport because I’ve now found sports I enjoy; I used to run regularly but didn’t like it so I easily lost motivation. My advice is that there is a sport out there for everyone and you will love it once you find it. I feel fitter, happier and more relaxed- I really owe a lot of these positive emotions to exercising. 

Overall, this has been an extremely rewarding, fun and amazing term. I can’t believe I’ve had my last ever actual lecture this term, next term is going to go way too fast!

I hope everyone has an amazing Easter holiday and a great rest! Below I’ve added some photos of some of the amazing memories I’ve made this term: including meeting Tracy Beaker, getting stuck on a wooden horse and travelling to the middle of nowhere to go go-karting:

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