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Term 1 Reflections

My first term as a second year has been by far my favourite; despite at times being rather challenging and difficult. I have loved meeting even more amazing people, immersing myself in Economics once again and living in Leamington. I have definitely matured and developed as a person, whilst learning so many lessons along the way. Therefore, this post will focus on my reflections of term 1 as week 10 comes to an end:

This is something I’m still trying to improve on as I always put myself down when I make mistakes. For example, last week I was disappointed with my performance in a test as I made silly mistakes due to not reading the questions properly, despite being so well-prepared for it. However putting this into perspective, it was one small test and it means I will definitely be more careful in the final exam. No-one is ever too good to lose and I believe that setbacks make you appreciate your successes even more. There’s no better time than whilst at uni to learn from mistakes!

Last year if I didn’t understand something, I just assumed it would click when it came to revising in term 3; it didn’t. This made my revision less efficient and much more stressful. Now I set myself the goal that I can’t move on from a topic until I understand its content well. I only leave a seminar once I have grasped all of the problem set questions, meaning I’ll often ask questions and ensure that I’m fully prepared before the seminar. I write brief summary notes after every lecture and re-watch the parts I didn’t grasp on lecture capture. Throughout the week, I write a list of questions for each module on parts I didn’t get and then either ask my tutor during office hours for help or ask on the HowCloud forum. Understanding the content as I go on throughout the year has made me feel more confident because I know I will be much more prepared for term 3. There will always be some parts of the course I struggle understanding and although I am finding the work much more difficult than last year, staying on-top of it all makes it seem like there is no mountain to climb in term 3 as I have already done the majority of the work.

Having tests and deadlines in week 10 made me revise a lot (and probably too much). I noticed getting tired and procrastinating whilst revising so the hours I spent studying were of poorer quality. I have learnt the hard way that efficient revision is definitely better (and much more enjoyable) than spending many low quality hours revising. Next term I will definitely have shorter days with much more effective revision periods and focus this around when I am most alert (which is early in the mornings). I’ll then aim to keep the evenings free for sports, societies, spending time with friends and resting. I really believe it is as important to be well-rested and energised as it is to understand the course well. Also, this year I’ve focused much more on healthy eating, sleeping well and exercising. Through these healthy lifestyle changes, I’ve noticed myself feeling more energised throughout the whole day.

This year I have become even closer to my three housemates and it is so nice knowing we are always there for each other whenever we need advice or support. They will always have my back which really helps when you’re living away from family and we can always have a laugh. The friends I have here are so genuine, supportive and loving, which makes it seem like there’s never any tough times when around them. It feels like I have a proper uni family!

It is so easy to fall into the trap of seeing University as just having to learn content to pass exams and last year in term 3, I saw Economics like this. However, I now see the fun in the content I learn and I’ve realised that the more I enjoy my Economics degree, the better I perform. After all, happiness is the key to success!

Overall, term 1 has been amazing but I am ready to go home and so excited to see my family again. Below are a couple of photos from our Christmas Dinner which we had yesterday. Me and my housemates (Chris, Jonathan and Sam) successfully cooked for 12 of us and we all managed to fit in our little house made for 4!


Christmas Dinner for 12!

See you all soon 🙂 x

  • Riley

    what a lovely x’mas


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