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Term 1, it’s been a blast!

This is my last ever term 1 at Warwick and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone! Despite having a test tomorrow, I’m already in the Christmas and holiday spirit. I thought I’d reflect upon the term a bit by talking about some of my favourite moments. 

1) Submitting my first dissertation deadline

When I submit a deadline, I really appreciate the work I’ve done and what I’ve managed to achieve. This feeling was especially evident when I submitted my project outline and literature review for my dissertation which is titled: “The relationship between an individuals’ income and their acceptance towards homosexuality”. I’m really enjoying writing my dissertation this year as you can produce your own piece of work which is all completely down to you. Nevertheless, every time something goes right, I find an issue or flaw straight after so it is easy to get disheartened. It’s therefore vital to keep going with your dissertation and see it as a fun challenge rather than something you need to do as it’s worth 25% of your year. 

2) Studying behavioural economics

I absolutely love this module; it’s been my favourite one since being at uni! In first year I did some work experience at a behavioural economic consultancy and since then, I’ve wanted to learn more about the theory and especially the applications of this field. Behavioural economics is based upon that humans don’t behave rationally as traditional economic theory states. For example, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein (two of my favourite behavioural economists) use the example that 61% of Americans are obese or overweight so humans don’t optimally choose their diets. Behavioural economics can incorporate biases into traditional models which help explain why people don’t choose the right diet to maximise their welfare. This is an exciting branch of economics as it continues growing and helps apply economics to real-world problems. The course readings are really interesting and it’s been really fun doing this module (it also helps that we don’t have an end of term test which can be quite stressful). 

3) Having a laugh: Bongo’s Bingo, bowling, quizzes and lots of food

Life at uni is great. I spend my days from 9am-6:30pm on campus in lectures, seminars and mostly in the learning grid as we get less contact hours as final year students. When I get home, I’ll make tea and then I’m free from around 7:30pm-10pm to enjoy my time. Me and my friends have found a new love for bowling this term as discovered that on Tuesdays the tenpin in Leamington has half price games and drinks. On Wednesdays I love going to our local pub The Clarendon as chicken wings are 25p and their pub quiz is amazing. One of my housemates and his friends are amazing at pub quizzes so we always end up winning free food, cocktails and vouchers. I also go to the Leam VUE cinema as it’s £4.99 to watch a film (with Meerkat Movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, it’s only £2.50 each). Bongo’s Bingo was one of my favourite nights out as it was just crazy. It’s bingo but you dance on tables whilst pints are lobbed everywhere and people win outrageous prizes.  I’ve also gone on many trips to The Old Library and Wetherspoons, where we’ve made amazing plans- including a trip to Barcelona. 

4) Going to Barcelona 

This is the first year we haven’t had Economics tests during week 10 of term 1 (although I have a Spanish for International Business one tomorrow). We were in Spoons one night and out of interest looked at the cost of flights. We found some cheap ones to Barcelona and as this year will be one of the last chances we have to be spontaneous before starting our careers, we thought we’d go for three days. As well as the cheap flights, we got a nice 7-bed airbnb for 8 euros each a night. We cooked every meal so didn’t spend money on eating out and clubs in Barcelona had free entry until 1:30am! Although we only had breakfast at 2pm each day and saw 3 sights, we had so much fun but sadly came back home a lot less rested than we’d left as went on three consecutive nights out. I’d really recommend a short holiday with uni friends because it was amazing!








5) Visiting my friend in Milan

I jetted off on yet another weekend break and went to Milan! My friend Sofia, who I met whilst during my Summer internship in London, studies at Bocconi University in Milan and I went to visit her as I got flights for £35 return (The same price as a return train ticket from uni to my home in Preston). I saw a lot more sights than in Barcelona and once again will always remember this holiday. I do recommend going abroad or exploring a new city if you get a free weekend at uni as I have made so many unforgettable memories from both of these holidays. 

Overall I’ve had an amazing term! I’ve loved the modules I’ve studied but am excited to get back home for Christmas where I can slow down the pace of life a little. Over the holidays, I’ll work on my next dissertation deadline, along with going over readings for my modules to prepare myself for another jam-packed term 2. 

I hope you’ve all had an amazing term, have a fab Christmas and I’ll see you all soon 🙂 x



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