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Term 1 Highlights

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Somehow, today is the last day of Term 1! The last ten weeks have flown by, as they always do when life is so busy! Uni terms are short, but often quite intense — you definitely do a lot in a relatively short space of time — so I’m looking forward to a few lazy days with Christmas films and mince pies over the next few weeks. Nevertheless, this has been a great term and an exciting start to my final year at Warwick. There are a few highlights that spring to mind when I look back to September…

  1. Christmas baguettes at the Bread Oven

Turkey. Stuffing. Cranberry sauce. Gravy. Need I say more? I’ve definitely looked forward to festive lunches with friends after seminars the last couple of weeks!

2. Student cinema

We went to the student cinema on campus for the first time at the beginning of term. Most nights during term time, Warwick FilmSoc present films in one of the science lecture theatres. They have classics and new releases, and it’s much cheaper than going to the cinema. I really enjoyed it, and will be keeping an eye on their schedule for next term!

3. Playing sports

I hadn’t been able to play my favourite sports for around 18 months, so I was really excited to get back into them this year. Although my skills were a little rusty, I’ve had so much fun at the social sessions. Most sports clubs run these friendly, non-competitive sessions every week, where you can just turn up and play, regardless of your ability.

4. Cooking

I’ve been putting my lockdown culinary skills to the test this term! Of course, at the end of a long day on campus, my meals are pretty simple, but overall I’ve been enjoying taking the time to try new recipes. I find it quite relaxing at the end of the day to put my earphones in or catch up with my housemates while I cook. My new year’s resolution is to limit myself to one stir fry a week, because it’s definitely my go-to a bit too often!

5. The new Faculty of Arts Building

It’s beautiful! It opened this week and I ventured in for the first time yesterday. There are so many tables and sofas and computer stations on each floor, so it’s a really great place to work — it will be nice to have another option when working on campus in the new year (and drum up some January study motivation too!). There are loads of new teaching rooms too, so I’m looking forward to moving over for my seminars next term.

It’s been a great, jam-packed start to the year. After a strange year and a half, I’ve really enjoyed the more normal aspects of uni life and getting stuck in with what Warwick has to offer. The terms go so incredibly quickly, but I also feel as though so much has been going on! I’m looking forward to coming back in January (a bit more refreshed!) and making the most of Term 2.

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