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Ten top tips to tackle term three’s tribulations: PART 2


6. Water. Ah water, how you are so great and wonderful in every single way. Keep hydrated people. Avoid sugary energy drinks, fizzy drinks, and really anything that will start messing with your energy levels. Water can also make you feel fuller and so will often help when it comes to unnecessary snacking and overeating.


All hail the pink Bobble Bottle…seriously people, invest.

7. Exercise. This doesn’t mean forcing yourself to the gym every day, or hours of monotonous cardio. Well, so she says after having just inflicted another 6k run on herself third day in a row. No don’t do that. Rather, this can simply be a half hour walk a day. Leave your desk along with the likes of the pesky imperfect subjunctive, notions of the sublime, Bentham’s panopticon and Boccaccio for an hour or so to get some fresh air. This will help you to clear your head, regain some perspective, and result in a far more productive session of revision upon your return.


Stuck for new exercise ideas? You can always try perfecting the llama walk…you can tell someone is fighting the perpetual state of post-year abroad nostalgia can’t you…

8. Talk. Sometimes revising for hours upon end can feel quite isolating. What’s more, it is during this time cooped up alone with only the likes of Spanish Grammar in Context or Parola Per Parola as company, when the power of the mind can be in its element. Over-thinking can really start to kick in and if not careful, can lead to a slippery slope of depressive thoughts, loss of perspective, panic and anxiety. So don’t let it. Make sure you surround yourself with good people every now and then. Share your worries, concerns, or just take your mind off everything with a few hours through idle chit chat. Even if this means just meeting a friend for coffee every now and then, or phoning the mother (and thus inevitably entering a discussion over what you are eating that night). Social interaction and changing your surroundings is still important during exam time. It may just mean substituting Coventry’s Kasbah for Curiositea.


Pisst. Every Thursday from 4-5ishpm Curiositea even offers Coffee House Sessions involving some super chilled acoustic performances from some of the latest up-and-coming artists in the UK.

9. Routine. I have noticed that people tend to let any good habits and routines go to pot during exam time. However, I think establishing a good routine can be essential to getting you through those seemingly endless days of revision hell. What’s more, lists can prove invaluable. I cannot even begin to express the satisfaction I get out of simply crossing things off my daily lists of revision topics and chores to be completed that day. And yes, we all get unproductive days. Sometimes on these occasions you just have to accept that it was just one of those days and put it out of your mind. What’s more, if you have only managed to cross out a pitiful number of things from your list, adding other things you have done only to cross them out again can prove unbelievably rewarding…


Naturally I would never dream of doing this….erm no, of course not….

10. Rescue remedy. If everything is still getting a little too tense, a few sprays of recue remedy can never go a miss. A blend of five different Bach flower remedies, it can be used to help get through any stressful situations, and is something I would never dream to going into an exam without a few squirts of.


Ok so the taste might not be to everyone’s liking- don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Still stressed and lost in the perpetual state of anxiety inflicted upon you by exam period despite the incessant need to pee due to your constant state of hydration; the blissful utopia of silence provided by Boots’ wax mufflers; the slightly bitter taste on your tongue caused by too many squirts of Rescue Remedy; and the aching muscles from that evening jog? It’s natural. Try taking a few deep breaths and remember that exams aren’t the be-all and end-all. Look after yourself, take each day as it comes, and fill your lungs with that sweet smell of summer, which remember, is just around the corner.


On a side note, the sunflowers were really doing well…that was until they all started to die on me approximately 24 hours after this photo was taken…

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