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Teetotal Doesn’t Mean Asocial: Fun Things to do at Warwick if You Don’t Drink Alcohol

When I was in sixth form, I knew that I wasn’t interested in drinking and partying. A lot of my classmates and random forums said that this would all change when I got to uni, and that if you don’t drink at uni, you won’t make friends. This really worried me because I was scared of not making friends – while I was fine with other people drinking, I didn’t think it was for me. I’m now in my final year, still a non-drinker, and I do have friends!

There are a lot of different things you can do during your free time on campus which don’t involve alcohol – here are just a few of them:

Clubs and Societies

With over 300 different clubs and societies, there are a lot of different student-run meetups on campus to fit almost any taste – and if there isn’t a society for it, why not set one up? Joining clubs and societies is a great way to keep up an old hobby (like football or chess or singing), or try something completely new (underwater hockey with the Sub Aqua club, anyone?). There are also societies for a wide range of interests (cultural societies, political societies, etc) and most courses/departments have a related society for meeting people with similar academic interests.

All clubs and societies have opportunities to build on your leadership and organisational skills as well, by being a member of the team of students (aka the “exec”) organising a particular society. I’ve personally been both the Competitions Convenor and the President of the Quiz Society, and have met a lot of like-minded trivia-lovers from universities across the UK.

The Great Outdoors

Warwick’s campus is pretty big and pretty green – with some planted gardens as well as more natural woodlands, it can be nice to just head outside for a walk. You’re likely to meet some of the campus ducks – Warwick currently has the fifth most ducks per rood of water of any UK university.

One thing that can be quite fun to do is visit the sculpture trail – you’ll get to see bits of campus you’d otherwise never have been to. For those freshers who’ve not yet seen the Koan up close, go on a trek to Gibbet Hill!

Another thing I really like is the Outdoor Activity Zone behind Claycroft – it’s got gym equipment as well as a set of swings, and is a nice way to get some exercise when the weather’s good.

There are also barbecues dotted around the various campus accommodation blocks – gathering up some friends, food and charcoal for a post-exam feast is a great way to end an academic year.

Arts Centre

The Arts Centre is currently undergoing a revamp, but it’s still open with a huge variety of shows and cultural activities on offer. The Mead Gallery is free to go to and has new exhibitions regularly, while performances often have student discounts available on tickets.

Students’ Union

The SU has its own café called Curiositea which has a regularly rotating menu – it’s a good place to meet up and catch up, or just somewhere different to take a study break. There are also pool tables and table football upstairs.

As for events run in the SU, there are regular food markets, vintage clothes markets, fairs and other events during the day which have no alcohol involved.

For those of you who don’t mind being around alcohol but prefer not to drink it, I’d highly recommend Terrace Bar – I go there a lot with my teetotal and drinking friends alike. Terrace Bar has recently introduced mocktails, and my favourite one is the strawberry-kiwi lemonade!

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