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Sport has always been a part of my life and I think it always will be. A bit of background about me, the sport I have the most experience in would definitely be rugby, it was something I was introduced to when I was a young lad, about 8 or 9, and I played straight through school until I was 19. Even though I no longer play rugby as a weekly commitment it will always be something I love watching, especially at the international level. As well as rugby I have tried my hands in sports such as football, lacrosse, athletics, indoor climbing and American football.

The range of sports clubs on offer at Warwick is seriously impressive, just having a scroll through the sport clubs you could join today ( there is some insane variety! From the classics like rugby, football, netball or hockey to more unique clubs like figure skating, dodgeball or trampolining. I think it’s important to stress you don’t need to be an experienced athlete in the sport to join, university is a great way to try something new and there will be always be people, whether students or coaches who will be willing to support you as you get better.

Doing sport at University is something I’d definitely recommend, whether to want to compete at competitions like BUCS or just to keep it, the friends you’ll make and the experiences you’ll have are something you’ll never forget. As a fresher I tried American Football and Athletics and both clubs I’d definitely give shout outs to go have a try yourself. Both are committed but friendly clubs which train hard with the aim to compete at a high level but also have great socials alongside.

I am a second year now and I am still trying new things, meeting new people and having new experiences. Next week I will be going with gymnastics to Coventry leisure centre to give gymnastics a go because I saw a YouTube video and thought it looked cool. So if you’re thinking you’d like to give something a go please, please do! It could be one of the best decision you make at University.

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