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Tasty Tips for Eating Well

I’m going to let you into a little secret… students don’t just live off pizza and cider! Don’t get me wrong, Dominos has a special place in everyone’s hearts, especially with their cheeky voucher deals, but it is easy to cook nice healthy meals on a student budget! Here are my tasty tips for having a delicious university experience.

• Pack sensibly

However tempting it is to bring the whole kitchen with you, from my personal experience you do not need to! Chances are someone in your kitchen will have a cheese grater/ potato peeler/ bread knife etc, so you may be able to share certain items. A chopping board, colander and sharp knife are must-haves, and I would also recommend investing in a decent frying pan, big pan and little pan as you will use these items the most!

• Learn some home comforts

After a long, challenging day on campus, it’s lovely to have a favourite family meal for dinner, be that a curry or a roast. Get your family to teach you the secrets so you can whip up a tasty, comforting dish when you need it!

• Buy a student cookbook

You won’t always have the time or energy to cook an elaborate dinner, so it’s useful to have a cookbook which is designed for students, with recipes that are quick and cheap, especially as there are many books tailored for vegetarian and other diets.

• Learn some basic recipes

Bronwyn recently wrote a great blog about meals to cook at university, and having a few recipes up your sleeve is great for days when you don’t want to think too much about what you want to eat. Saying that, Google is also your friend, and the BBC Goodfood website is a great tool where you can search for recipes depending on what ingredients you have in or what cuisine you fancy.

• Prep!

If Google is your friend, food prep is your BFF. Planning your weekly meals, making a list when you go shopping and cooking in bulk will make your shops cheaper (and less stressful!) and will mean you have some spare meals in your freezer or fridge. I also prepare a week’s worth of lunches at the weekend to reduce my weekly spending on campus, so I can treat myself at Curiositea instead 😉

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