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Take Advantage of these Resources!

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Warwick offers a range of valuable services to help you fulfil your career aspirations and make the most of your academic life. Whilst Maths’ banana-Wednesdays and PAIS’ free-espresso-hot-chocolates will always remain student favourite Warwick-perks, these services and resources offer much more than a mid-morning snack!

1)      https://myadvantage.warwick.ac.uk/


MyAdvantage is a website that lists career opportunities including advice and skill appointments, events and internships – this is really where all the magic happens! Events offered span soft skills to help you stand out during recruitment processes and informational talks in specific sectors such as Investment Banking. Whether it’s a breakfast with Goldman employees or a talk about career-paths after a PAIS degree, this website is indispensable both for networking and developing skills and clarity to help you with your future career. Most events require you to apply and book, with some more competitive events requiring CVs. Everyone will be looking for something different, so my best advice is just to get onto the website and see what appeals to you – it offers great opportunities to challenge yourself to look beyond your degree.


2)      Library E-resources and Educational Subscriptions


The utility of the library goes without saying, however it’s more elusive (equally useful) counterpart, is its e-resources. The library website ( https://warwick.ac.uk/services/library/ ) allows you to search the library catalogue for books, many of which also offer an e-book. So, whether you don’t want to carry 400-page tomes around or someone else is borrowing the book you need, you can still always access thousands of books and articles online. Moreover, the library offers several online courses particularly to help with essay writing, targeting skills such as referencing and avoiding plagiarism. These courses can be found here: https://warwick.ac.uk/services/library/students/your-library-online .


Floor 1 of the library is home to a selection of newspapers and journals including Figaro and The Wall Street Journal for you to stay up to date with current affairs. The department of Economics goes the extra mile and offers an online educational subscription to the Financial Times: https://www.ft.com/join/licence/51c68c19-4f32-4ff9-acbc-93192cb42e76/details . If you are considering subscribing to an educational newspaper, it is definitely worth checking if the relevant department has a free educational subscription you can take advantage of first!


3)      Academic Societies


Warwick’s academic societies usually offer much more than circling! This week Warwick Law Society is having a presentation from members of L’Oreal’s legal department, whilst Warwick Finance Society welcomes BAML and Goldman Sachs employees to give an introduction to Financial Markets. And whilst perhaps neither of these things sound like your cup of tea, academic societies have so much to offer – hosting a diverse and fantastic range of workshops, networking events and informational talks. Moreover, most academic societies are free to join (after the £19.00 societies federation fee). Whether you intend to go to all or one of their events, in order to stay aware of everything being offered, it’s definitely worth joining all the societies that interest you and not letting their newsletters slip to the bottom of your inbox!

IndonesiaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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