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Tackling The Warwick Bubble

During the Psychology offer holder days, the most common question that was mentioned (from prospective students in particular) was whether there is a Warwick bubble and if so, how do I overcome it?

I don’t blame people for asking this, as this was the main question I had when I was considering whether to make Warwick University my firm choice or not. I had a lot of friends who told me horror stories of the Warwick bubble and made it seem that Warwick students have no social life. I took the risk and made Warwick my firm university choice anyways, but with that I have no regrets.

I think an easy thing to forget is that you typically live on campus in your 1 year of University, so two thirds of your University life will probably be in Leamington where the majority of Warwick students live (or otherwise Coventry). Leamington is a town itself where there is loads to do, including parks, bowling, cinema, shops, restaurants – the usual things you’d find in a busy town. There is also Warwick nearby and Birmingham, where there is plenty to do. I spend most of my time in Leamington and Birmingham, and now as I come to the end of my final year, there are still a ton of fun things that I want to do and places I want to visit before I graduate. I’ve literally got a list of places to visit! Therefore, you’ll never get bored.

In terms of the supposed bubble that is Warwick campus, I’ve never met a Warwick student that has claimed the campus to be a bubble or complained about it. Especially when you first arrive at University and you’re in a new environment away from home, it is comforting to live on a safe campus where everything essential is available to you (restaurants, shops, banks, pharmacy etc). Also, it makes it easier to meet up with course mates from different accommodations and go to society and club events. I miss the days of living on campus and being able to easily do everything and anything, whether that was go to the library, go to a society event in the evening, visit the SU etc. The perfect time to get involved in societies especially is your 1 year, because most likely your grade will not count towards your final degree so you can dedicate time to societies, having fun and making friends!

Living in Leamington however gives you a nice bit of freedom in your 2 year and onwards, because you’ll know which clubs are your favourite or your favourite places to meet friends and do fun stuff. I kind of like having a home away from campus – I think if I lived on campus for my 3 years at University then I would feel quite suffocated and not have the ability to explore. Leamington is great too because most things are within walking distance or a bus ride away (and you’ll most likely have a bus pass), so it makes things way easier compared to if you went to University in a big city and had to pay for Ubers everywhere.

Overall, I want to emphasise that none of you should feel worried about the Warwick bubble – I’ve never thought about it being an issue! It’s kind of a blessing in your 1 year, and then after that you’ll have plenty to do in Leamington (including a social life like clubbing and bars). Leamington is really student orientated so there’s always a ton to do!

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