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Tackling the Mid-Term Funk

Tosin Sonubi
Tosin Sonubi | Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Contact Tosin

You’re over halfway through the term, whether that be in first year or third year; we all have a similar feeling. As the content gets harder and deadline begin to pile up; it may feel like the worst time to be experiencing this combination of exhaustion and demotivation. The next few weeks may be crucial for some, so it rather essential to combat this looming funk. So I have collated a list of a few things which help me to thrive during this winter season.


  • Light

For some of us, the lack of natural sunlight impacts our mood. I generally find it harder to get energies when I’m waking up when the sun hasn’t even woken yet. Personally, I find it rather challenging to get up for my 9 ams (or any of my lectures) without experiencing some form of light- natural/ artificial. Therefore I recommend when you wake up, you try to activate yourself by turning on your lights. At first, you may recoil at the brightness, but once you adjust, it’ll prevent you from retreating to your bed.


  • Physical Activity

‘Being lethargic will only make you feel more lethargic.’ Though lying in bed all day may be fantastic in theory and even in practice once in a while. Consistently lazing around will cause you to feel that you do not have energy, but in fact, you haven’t made the conscious effort to be active. I’m not saying you should go running because that isn’t for everyone. But get your blood pumping in a way you enjoy: go for a walk with a friend or have a dance party in your room.

  • Routine

Establishing a sustainable routine is important all year long but especially in winter. In any routine, there’s a sense of self-accountability which causes good habits to form. I know of a lot of people who use the repetitive nature of their days to establish a sustainable work-life balance. I have seen this best in practice with people assigning time to study or committing to going to the gym every morning. This daily structure enables people to achieve more.


  • Getting Festive

Now for my personal favourite, as someone who loves being “extra”, I love winter. There are so many opportunities to do fun activities to take a break from studying. Though there is the temptation to disregard your study to fully pursue festive merriment, I would use the excitement as an incentive. Scheduling fun things, like a going to the Christmas Market, after a week of work, encourages me to work harder as I have a goal in sight. 


I hope these tips help you enjoy the remainder of this term while achieving academically. I would love to hear what techniques you use to tackle the slump you fall into at this point in theterm.

Tosin Sonubi
Tosin Sonubi | Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Contact Tosin

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