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Tackling Term Three Stress

Third term hits everyone harder than they think it will, no matter the preparation done over Easter. I for one have three essays due in three days which are still works in progress *heavy breathing*. Not to fear though! Here are some tips that help me relieve some of the pent-up work stress in case anyone’s suffering out there.

A relatively easy way to avoid stress is to get any deadlines finished early or put in the hard miles before an exam so you know you’ve done all you can. While everyone says this and its far too easy to procrastinate instead of working, don’t forget that it’s only a few weeks to show your lecturers what you can do before we’re free for a lovely summer. Work hard, play later.

Having said that, don’t work yourself so hard that you crash and burn before your exams. It’s important to relax too, such as at home after a long day in the library or taking the occasional day off for a bubble bath and Netflix binge. Everyone has their own ways to wind down and it’s good to maintain these even when drowning in deadlines.

It is far too easy to pop into Rootes before a hard day’s working and buy a bag of chocolate and sweets to munch on while revising. Please, don’t deprive yourself of these delicious goodies, but make sure you’re eating well too. I know too many people who rely on Deliveroo during exam times as they claim not to have enough time to make a meal, but get that home cooking and good old fruit and veg in you! It will keep you healthy, boost your work rate, and make you feel a bit better getting those vitamins in.

Revision and essay writing often consists of parking yourself in the library and not moving for a solid number of hours. Try to avoid sitting still for long stretches of time and have a bit of a move about. While you don’t need to go for a mid-revision run (although I do know people who do that), even just taking a tour of the library and moving your legs can help clear your brain before you start working again. Last year during term three, I went for a swim in the Sports Centre every morning before starting work, so try find your way to keep active to keep that mind working.

Those are some ways I try and avoid or tackle stress, and I hope they’ll work for you too. Happy revising! (It will be over soon, don’t worry)

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