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Tackling Easter Work

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the Easter break so far and are having fun whilst getting started on the dreaded exam revision and deadlines. I thought I’d do a little blog post updating you on my current way of working through my Easter tasks – I’m interested to know how you all tackle your Easter workload?

The things that I have to do this Easter holidays is –

1. Complete my 2nd year project report

2. Complete a critical review on a research paper

3. Revise (make notes, learn them, do past papers)

Initially, my plan was to do the critical review first, then maybe start on exam revision and then do my project report? However, we’ve only had one week of Easter so far and already I haven’t stuck to that plan haha, but I don’t see it as a bad thing! What I’ve been doing is tackling 2 out of my 3 key work areas a day – so one day I might do a bit of my project report in the first half of the day and then write some revision notes in the second half of the day, another day I might start off with some revision notes in the first half of the day and then work on my critical review in the second half of the day.

I’ve found that this has been so useful in terms of keeping motivated with my Easter workload and ensuring that things don’t get too boring. The thought of doing my critical review for 3-4 days straight sounds horrible, also I feel like if you work on one thing for too long, you don’t allow yourself time to look at it with a fresh mind later on and you tend to lose focus.

Of course, I’ve also had to fit in work shifts within my time and friends/family outings, so I haven’t made the pressure of creating an Easter revision timetable. I’m simply just getting as much work done as I can whenever I’m home! I do feel major guilt however when I’m out of the house for a lot of the day, having fun – deadlines and exams feel so near that I feel like time is precious, do any of you feel the same?

We all do need relaxation time though, otherwise our brains might explode from soaking in so much information during revision and working on assignments. I always feel a strain on my brain at the end of a long revision/working day haha, so it’s good to take time out! I’m interested to know how you all tackle revision and workload during Easter and whether you’re doing your exam revision now? Or saving it for term 3?

I don’t really have much else to update you all on, I’ll be back in a few weeks with a more informative and interesting blog post I promise! If you have any requests, please leave them below in the comments. However, I hope you all enjoy the rest of the Easter break and I will talk to you all in my next blogpost.


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