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Swedish Women’s Prison

Through the Warwick Welcome Service, there’s a lot more work than just taking the odd tour group around campus and counting people into presentations on open days. One such job that was available this year was working on the park and ride team for the Summer Graduations, which happened a couple of weeks ago.

As my second year house (and my upcoming third year house – I’m sure you’ll hear all about it when I move in!) was managed by Warwick Accommodation, this meant that I didn’t have to pay rent over the summer holidays, and that I wouldn’t have access to either house over the summer. This could pose something of a problem for people needing to work or study on campus over the summer – however, Warwick Accommodation rents out some campus accommodation to Warwick students who need it over the summer. So, for a week and a half, I rented out a room in Cryfield and I thought I’d give you a look inside.

The summer vacation accommodation is open to students needing it for a lot of different reasons – from international students who preferred to stay in the UK over the summer to students with internships in various research labs on campus. The minimum letting period this summer is five consecutive nights, and the price for Cryfield is currently £13 per night over the summer. There’s also the ensuite option of Lakeside at £20 per night – though prices and exactly which accommodation is available may vary from year to year.

I’d always heard that Cryfield rooms are pretty small (according to legend, it’s modelled after a Swedish women’s prison), but the room I stayed in felt big enough for me – there was plenty of room for furniture, and lots of storage for personal belongings (including a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table and bookshelves).

Cryfield bedroom

My favourite thing about the room itself was having a sink. I’d never stayed in a room with a sink before (the other campus accommodations I’ve stayed in are Tocil and Whitefields, which both don’t have sinks in rooms), but found it really useful for brushing my teeth or filling up a glass of water when I didn’t want to walk down to the bathroom or kitchen.

Speaking of bathrooms and kitchens, they were pretty good too! On my floor, there was a bathroom with a few toilets and showers, and then two kitchens. The same keycard which lets you into the building and room is also used to get into your assigned kitchen – I wasn’t given any indication as to which kitchen was mine, so it was just a case of testing my card on both kitchens to see what worked. I really liked how spacious the kitchen was – plenty of storage space for everyone, along with two ovens, two sinks, two microwaves, a toaster and two kettles. There’s also a big table in the kitchen which makes Cryfield feel very sociable – I had lots of long chats with my temporary flatmates!

Cryfield kitchen

Cryfield kitchen

Cryfield was refurbished fairly recently, so the kitchens and bedrooms still feel pretty fresh – there are trendy cork boards made up of hexagonal tiles!

All in all, I loved my time in Cryfield, and would definitely come back to stay if I ever need vacation accommodation again!

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