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Surviving work load

To all of those who are being drowned in books here is a life jacket.

I’m a third year now, my final chance to reach for my potential. I hope you are feeling the same too for those who have just started their next or first academic year. First two weeks are over and suddenly you have this thing called work and more importantly deadlines!

I’m going to be honest, I have difficulty managing my time. Especially in my first and second year. But magically something has clicked in my third year and I’m going to share my secret.


Weird as it sounds but I spent hours on 1 article trying to twist the ideas and notions expressed and explained in an article to suit my essay. That can work at times but there is a limit. However, this year I’ve been reading the introduction and conclusion before I read the whole article. Why? Because the key ideas and arguments are expressed in these two precious paragraphs. Sounds crazy but its been working for me, because I’ve been reading an article and I suddenly realise that it’s not as useful as I thought it would be about 3 pages in I skip to the conclusion and I realise that the article is trying to prove something completely different to what I am looking for.

This might not work for all but it’s all about smart reading. Skip lines if you need to skip lines. Read the first line of the paragraph and if it not going to be relevant skip it. But make sure you’re reading enough to get the gist of what the scholar is saying.

For classics students what I must emphasise is that reading your primary sources is vital. Because if you don’t know what a scholar is referring to there is no point you making notes. Secondary reading seems to make more sense when you take the time to read the key text. You’ll read the secondary reading faster and you’ll develop your own ideas (*ahem* independent thought= sophisticated opinion= higher marks!).

So ensure you are delicating respective time to each module and remember what order your deadlines fall. Don’t make the mistake of getting engrossed by deadline in week 10 but you have one in week 7. All about balance and knowing your priorities.

Happy reading.

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