This survival guide mainly concerns how I managed the most serious challenge faced by every college student- Hunger. Over the year, I found some effective strategies to overcome hunger.

On a serious note, for the main meals, I tried to cook mostly. This is because it is much cheaper and healthier. More importantly, considering my typical Pakistani tastes, I haven’t found anything on campus that greatly satisfied that taste aptly. This was well facilitated with a Tesco nearby. Tesco was hardly a 8-10 minute walk from my halls, New Rootes. I would visit once a week or two weeks, to get all the grocery. Moreover, for any quick remedy, I had the support of ‘Rootes Grocery Store’. When term time gets more demanding, cooking everyday seriously becomes a challenge. I found a way to counter that by cooking on Weekends and freezing the food for the week.

Largely I followed this plan but sometimes I wasn’t able to follow this due to my laziness or workload. The alternative options in this case included Frozen Pizza, or campus food, or delivery or any generous friend’s food. The Frozen Pizza is sold quite commonly come in a range of flavors. I always found the taste above edible and just ditched it sometimes plainly due to boredom by eating the same thing too often. Secondly, Bar Fusion is my top rated food option on campus. The vegetarian dishes and Prawns they sell are my favorites there. Moreover, the other options include Dirty Duck, Le Gusta, Varsity and the different cafes.

My main advice for people is to develop a habit to cook. Do not be put away by the fact that you never cooked in your life. To be fair, at home, the best I did was to drink water by myself. However, need is the mother of invention! This is a lifelong skill. You will be able to dictate what you want to eat instead of someone else. Maybe, after one year at Warwick, you will feel proud with how far you have come with your cooking skills 😉

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