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Sunshine, essays and salted caramel brownies!

Hi All

What a gorgeous day, the sun is streaming into the room I am working in, supposedly doing on an essay but writing this instead. Procrastination is, I think, my middle last and first name. I call it my thinking time and in all fairness to myself I do ruminate on the subject matter whilst putting off actually doing any writing. The thought of doing housework generally gets me in front of the computer with the books though!

The Tap Society have been fund raising recently. I became friends with a couple of members when we did a module together and although I can’t always make the tap class I try and keep in touch. Part of the fundraising was a bake sale so I asked my son to make salted caramel brownies as a contribution. I am not really a cake eater, believe it or not, but these are to die for. Here is the link If anyone makes them I shall be available as a taster, particularly if it is the really gooey bit in the middle.

Have to dash now as I am wanted by my Grandson for a few minutes, bless him. x

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