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Sunny Skies with a hint of ‘Rona

Oh, my word, have you been loving this glorious weather as much as I have? Sure, it’s probably a negative result of our own actions (see how to help the cause here and here but I do love a good sunny day. Seeing as we’re still under lockdown, it’s vital to stay safe outdoors as we’re spending more time than ever basking in the sun. Read on for my tips I hope you’ll follow. To help you remember them, think SUN WISH!

Sun Cream

            If anyone out there STILL refuses to wear sunscreen, they need a wakeup call. It is so, so important that you spritz the spray and seriously lather up. I’m not saying get pasty with SPF 50, but when the temperature is trying it’s best to hit 40 degrees, it’s advisable to at least go for SPF 25. It’s not going to set your tan back. In fact, it’ll probably help it. Sun cream simply helps you out cancer wise and gives you a hand, so you don’t turn into a leather bag. But seriously, it’s absolutely vital you plop some cream on. Don’t find that out the hard way 🙁


I understand that now the sun is out, everyone strips down (myself included, for I am writing this sat in shorts and a bralette) but don’t feel the pressure to prance around in a bikini. There is such a thing as ‘too much sun’, so there should come a point in the day when you might slip a t-shirt on or a cover up to protect your skin. Of course, you can just move into the shade, but I’m ready to hedge a bet that your next-door neighbour’s curtain is twitching…


            Following on from my last point, I just wanted to briefly mention ‘beach bods’. There’s loads of pressure nowadays to look a certain way, and shows like Love Island don’t exactly help. But who really wants to spend their entire day in the gym, denying themselves pizza, chocolate and any other food-related pleasures in life? Exercise is vital and as is eating well. However, it’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s super easy to compare yourself to others when everybody is only half dressed, but please don’t do that! You are beautiful the way you are, and how much of your life do you really want to spend fretting over what you hate about yourself? If you seriously do need to do something about your BMI, then actually do because that’s your health on the line. But that body of yours? It’s already a beach bod 🙂


            I expect you think I’m about to tell you to drink lots of water. Ha! That comes later. I actually wanted to suggest you 1) water the plants because they’re probably parched too, and 2) cool off in a paddling pool. Don’t be selfish, we do not need a drought thanks, there are enough problems for the time-being, but a splash around or even a water fight would be fun! Caution: don’t forget to reapply the sun cream you so wonderfully applied after you towel off and be sure to keep on top of it if you’re a big sweater as it can wash off. Also, please adhere to the Corona rules. Have a water fight with your sibling, not with your high-risk friends you haven’t seen since March.


            Take inspiration from your web browser and go incognito from the sun. By this, I obviously mean stick to the shade. Take a time out and give your skin a break. You’ll stop feeling dizzy (and sweaty) but you still get to enjoy being outdoors!


            This couldn’t be a Corona blog if I didn’t mention space. DON’T FORGET TO KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Just because the sun’s out, it doesn’t mean the virus has evaporated. Please do your part to stop the spread and keep away from others. Don’t make unnecessary trips either, come on.


            Well done for making it to the bottom of the list! Pour yourself a drink! By that, I mean water. You need to drink loads of it when it’s as hot as it has been. I’m not going to write a big paragraph about the importance of keeping hydrated but what you need to know is sips of water throughout the day is better than sporadic gulps. However, any consummation of water is better than none. 

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