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Summer Work Plans

Since I’m in my first year of University, I’m not really in a rush to secure an internship or certain work experience for the upcoming summer. Of course it would be useful to do so, but I figured I’ll relax this summer and carry on working for my part-time jobs. For the current Psychology course here at Warwick, we have been told by our personal tutors that they will help and guide us in our second year to organise internships for our summer in second year. I have spoken to a few Psychology second year students about this and they have said that the process is both fun and easy, so I’m looking forward to doing that next year! The aim of it is to start thinking about your future career during second year and try to get a head start on it.

Therefore, I decided to discard the idea of internships for this summer and focus on earning money to support me throughout my second year of Uni! At home, I have two part-time jobs which are both 0 hour contracts. This is something that I’d highly recommend to University students who want to have a job at home which they can go back to in the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays. It allows you to simply hop back into work when you’re home and not be bound to any contract of set days or hours! I love it because I can pick and choose what days I want to work, not have to worry about sorting out certain days off or booking leave and it’s super flexible.

One of my jobs was my old part-time job that I had during Sixth Form which was a Saturday contract, so luckily my boss agreed to change me to a 0 hour contract when I left for University in September. My other job is working for an agency, which I highly recommend to anyone if you’re looking for a form of employment whilst at Uni. This is because most jobs won’t have 0 hour contracts on offer, but agencies are all mostly 0 hour contracts! My agency is one situated in the beauty and fashion industry, so it’s so easy to work for them – they send me emails about bookings for work, if I’m at Uni or not able to work then I just delete the email, but then when I’m back home for work I can pick and choose which dates I want to do and which brands I want to work for. So, if you’re thinking about getting a 0 hour contract job whilst at Uni that allows you to decide when you work, then definitely google some agencies and apply!

If anyone has any questions about the agency that I work for in particular, then feel free to leave them in the comments. Also, let me know what you all have planned for Summer in terms of jobs or internships etc!


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