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Summer reflection

This has been my most difficult, yet rewarding & best summer ever! I was blessed with a nearly 4 month holiday and am proud of what I’ve achieved within that time: I’ve received a graduate job offer, travelled and most importantly, recharged my batteries ready for my final year. I‘m now ready to return to uni & face any challenges- especially writing a dissertation.  



I finished exams before any of my friends so I planned a spontaneous 2-week trip to Spain. I only paid £35 for a return flight & stayed with family/ friends in Salamanca and Madrid. I learnt so much about myself this holiday, whilst realising that working abroad wouldn’t be an extraordinary feat, rather I’d like to do it at some point in time. I then returned to treasure my favourite time at uni (when everyone has finished exams so you do absolutely nothing but enjoy yourselves).


The best plans can come from having no plans

Your own company can be your best company



My internship lasted 10 weeks in London. I made some amazing friends, learnt I want to live in London and secured a graduate job (so I can avoid the having to attend every single careers fair and application process in my final year). For this reason alone I really recommend applying to an internship if you’re a penultimate year student.


Summer is a useful time to think about your future career path and how to get there



So far this is my most relaxing month. I’ve just spent a week in Málaga where my grandparents live and I’m now back in my hometown Preston. I’m having such an amazing time as I’ve barely been back since Easter half-term and it’s so lovely to spend time with family & friends here. I still have a week before I move back to Leam so amidst the relaxing, I’m preparing for uni and starting to think about my dissertation which is a big part of my degree in final year. Towards the end of the week, I’ll also pack for uni, which always makes me so excited to go back! 


Rest is as important as work

There’s no place like home


When I get to Leam:

After my week in Preston, I’m going back to Leamington to get there in time for week 0! Although I’m a third year, I’m completely embracing this week as we’ve never had a lecture-free freshers before! Apart from the nights out and exploring Leam, I’ll be on campus most days- the sports & societies fair, the events (inflatable fun day, piazza movie screening, Nick Grimshaw radio 1 bus) and working as an economics student ambassador. 

Writing this is getting me so excited to get back to uni! My next blog will be about about tips for freshers & my personal reflection on first year.

See you soon 🙂 

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