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Summer Plans Updated

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

So far, my summer plans have been quite accurate in my first post’s predictions (see: I have not yet made any bookings to visit my aunt in Cyprus, or to visit Italy and France, however, my summer has been full of activities and ways I relaxed and detached myself from all the hard work I put in the exam session. I hate to admit this summer was quite different from all my previous summers in my hometown, Constanta, Romania, as this year I have managed to try new activities, such as going to a pool, a gym, jacuzzi, sauna, riding a ski jet and going to the circus. Also, my driving skills have evolved a lot since last year and I have to say I am a lot more confident about my abilities since I am driving every day an enormous amount of kilometers. Moreover, I want to make this a bit of a touristy guide for anyone who wants to visit Romania, especially the seaside, in Constanta and wants to discover all these amazing experiences and places. I promise you will not be disappointed:

1.Mamaia Resort, Constanta, Romania

-this is by far the most exciting place to visit in Constanta; the nightlife is vivid and extremely fun in the North with a variety of different clubs and beach bars, wide golden beaches, an amusement park(Luna Park), a casino, festivals, restaurants, cafes, creperies.


2.Breeze Mamaia North

-this is a Lebanese Restaurant, but it is actually more of a club/beach bar. This is the most visited club this season in Mamaia North and I have to say even if you go each week you will not get tired of the unique Breeze experience.


3. Iaki Spa

-this is a very zen place where I had a month membership in July and it has everything: from a pool to a gym, spa, sauna, jacuzzi.


4. Cinema

-we have three cinemas, and three malls in Constanta and a new addition is the 4dx cinema room: the chairs move, water can fall from the ceiling, some kind of funny smell can appear at times and there is wind coming close to your ears when the characters in the film shoot other characters.


5. Job Experience

-as far as job experience goes, I have to admit I did not get much, but I did help my dad a lot with his CVs and appointments, therefore I am a certified secretary after this summer, haha. I also helped my boyfriend with many paperwork he had to do for a maths project.

6. Zutopia Festival & Uefa Champions League First Playoff Round (Bucharest) 14th-17th August

-well, this is an extra number, as it is still in the process of attending. Zutopia is a Festival held in Bucharest from 14th-17th August and the guests are Rihanna, Steve Aoki, Sia, Selah Sue, Fallulah and Oh La. On August 16th, another exciting event me and my boyfriend will be attending is the Uefa Champions League First Playoff Round between Steaua Bucharest and Manchester City.


Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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